Arts and Culture

Theatre with Teeth Mary's Room' at Edinburgh Fringe
12th August midnight - 24th August midnight
theSpace on North Bridge, Perth Theatre
Theatre with Teeth will be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with an original play 'Mary's Room', performing 12-24th August in Perth Theatre at theSpace on Northbridge.
Exeter Comedy Society Sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe
18th August midnight - 24th August 11:59pm
Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Run of our Sketch Show at the Edinburgh Fringe.
Footlights Spotlights Edinburgh Fringe Accomodation
18th August midnight - 25th August midnight
Spotlights Edinburgh Fringe Accomodation
Footlights Spotlights Edinburgh Fringe 2019
19th August 6:40am - 24th August 7:30am
Greenside Emerald Theatre
Spotlights Edinburgh Fringe 2019
Drama Society Walking Bus to Kay House
16th September 10:30am - 11am
Forum Hill
Footlights Shotlights Musical Theatre Taster
16th September 11am - 2pm
Frank Oliver - Kay House
Shakespeare Company Afternoon Tea at Choccoco
16th September 2pm - 3pm
22 Gandy Street, Exeter
Campus Cinema Campus Tour
16th September 2pm - 4pm
Outside the Great Hall (Stocker Road Side)
Drama Society Northcott Theatre Tours followed by Theatre @ Exeter Meet and Greet
16th September 5pm - 8pm
Northcott Theatre
Shakespeare Company Comedy Workshop
17th September 11am - 1pm
Roborough Studios, University of Exeter
Theatre with Teeth Physical Theatre Workshop
17th September 1pm - 3pm
Roborough Studios
Campus Cinema Campus Tour
17th September 2pm - 4pm
Meet outside the Great Hall (Stocker Road Side)
Opera Society Staging Taster
17th September 2pm - 3:30pm
Thornlea Studio 3
Exeter Comedy Society Stand-Up Comedy Workshop
17th September 2pm - 3pm
Thornlea Studios
Campus Cinema Spider-Man: Far from Home
17th September 6pm - 11:30pm
M and D Room, Devonshire House
Drama Society Theatre @ Exeter Pres and Cheesies
17th September 7pm - 10:30pm
Unit 1 Exeter
Theatre with Teeth Writing/theatre Making Workshop
18th September 1pm - 3pm
Roborough Studios
Drama Society Walking Bus to Kay House
18th September 3:30pm - 4pm
Forum Hill
Exeter Comedy Society Improv Comedy Workshop
18th September 4pm - 5pm
Roborough Studios
Footlights Spotlights Taster
18th September 4pm - 6pm
Frank Oliver, Kay House
Shakespeare Company Milkshakes Social
18th September 6pm - 7:30pm
Grove Diner, University of Exeter
Campus Cinema Film Quiz
18th September 6:30pm - 9pm
DH2, Upstairs in Devonshire House
Drama Society Walking Bus to Kay House
19th September 11am - 11:30am
Forum Hill
Footlights Shotlights Band Taster
19th September 11:30am - 2pm
Frank Oliver - Kay House
Shotgun Theatre Show Workshop
19th September 1pm - 3pm
Drama Society Welcome n Chill
19th September 3pm - 5pm
Roborough Drama Studios Exeter
German Theatre Society Workshop Taster
19th September 4pm - 5pm
DH2 Conference Room, EX4 4PZ
This is the first chance for potential members and the committee to experience our society for the upcoming year. This will be a taster session for our workshops, while also allowing people to meet the committee and ask questions about the society.
Exeter Comedy Society Sketch Comedy Workshop
19th September 5pm - 6pm
Roborough Studios
Footlights Northcott workshop
20th September 10am - noon
Roborough Studios
Shakespeare Company Monologue workshop
20th September noon - 1pm
Roborough Studios, University of Exeter
Opera Society Orchestra Taster
20th September 1pm - 3pm
Cornwall House Activity Room 1
Opera Society Singing Taster
20th September 1pm - 3pm
Cornwall House Activity Room 2
Footlights Fitlights Dance Fitness Taster
20th September 2pm - 3pm
Roborough Studios
Drama Society Dinner @ The Grove Diner
20th September 5:30pm - 7:30pm
The Grove Diner
Campus Cinema Pub Games Evening
20th September 7pm - 9pm
The Ram, Devonshire House
Footlights Busk & Busk
20th September 8pm - 11pm
M and D Room, Devonshire House
Campus Cinema Yesterday
22nd September 6:30pm - 11:30pm
M&D Room
See Yesterday on Campus Cinema‚Äôs professional grade cinema set-up for just £2! Screenings at 18:00 and 21:00 in the M and D Room at the end of DH1 (just around the corner from the Ram Bar).

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