I don’t feel included

We want this campaign to provide an opportunity for you to share areas you don’t feel included in. If you have suggestions for how the Guild or the University can do better at being inclusive, please let us know using one of the 3 options below.


Reporting Information Directory (RID) is an anonymous tool for reporting microagressions, instances of abuse, assault, bullying or harm. Set up by the Students’ Guild liberation council it is used to both identify problems and inform liberation campaigns.

It can also be used by the Guild to provide evidence of issues that take place in Exeter so we can have a strong and impactful voice, when discussing with our partners at the University and in the community.  It is not intended to replace any “official” legal reporting tools, and we can anonymously pass forward any reported crimes.

Advice Unit

 If you need Advice about anything at all to do with your University experience, academic, welfare, accommodation, money, anything at all, you can speak in confidence to the Guild Advice Unit.

Let us know

If there’s something general (that affects multiple people) that the Guild or University could be doing better to be inclusive places, please do let us know using this form.


Email Explain what we could be doing better 

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