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#WeAreAllExeter has been realised to celebrate the diversity that exists on our campus and in our city. We are a community of people from different places, with different experiences and different passions, and yet, we are all Exeter.

Everybody here at the University of Exeter has a story and we want you to share yours with us, or learn more about your friends and fellow students and their lives.

Created by the sabbatical officers, students and in partnership with the University #WeAreAllExeter’s vision is to have a campus and a city where everyone feels welcome and included.

Over the next month the students of Exeter are hosting exciting events so you can sample some of the things that go on in Exeter. You are invited and encouraged to get involved, to ask questions, to hear stories you haven’t heard before and meet people with experiences you haven’t had.

We hope that this campaign will be something that everyone in Exeter can identify with and be involved with.

University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 7217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ