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Patrick Hoyle 


Cameron Taylor  


Penny Dinh 


Kate Byard 


Liv Harvey 


Katie Heard

Pro Vice-President Postgraduate Research

Virginia Thomas

Deputy Vice-President Societies

Amber Delaney

Deputy Vice-President Democracy & Governance

Daisy Newbold-Harrop

Deputy Vice-President Sustainability

Lottie Robinson

Deputy Vice-President Wellbeing

Lizzie Connick

Deputy Vice-President Equality

Hannah Rashbass

Deputy Vice-President International

Yudy Wu

Guild Chair

Dan Easterbrook

Guild Council

The elected Shadow Councillors for 2019-20 are:

Alex Honey (Fighting for Change), Alexander Hanna, Grace Arber, Harry Burton (Fighting for Change), Ivan Tabakov, Javier Monroy Yepez, Kristina Bahmutova, Lauren Mogg, Sarwesh Singh, Sweta Kotecha.

Student Trustees

Daisy Newbold-Harrop
Jack Watts
Harry Burton (Fighting for Change)
Kristina Bahmutova



CEMPS Subject Chairs

Zain Habib is elected Computer Science Subject Chair
Jonathan Elliott is elected Engineering Subject Chair
Liam Sullivan is elected Mathematics Subject Chair
Eleanor Barr is elected Natural Sciences Subject Chair
Ben Mayberry is elected Physics & Astronomy Subject Chair

Business Subject Chairs

Christina Ramnial-Cooke is elected Accounting & Finance Subject Chair
Alexander Pryde is elected Economics Subject Chair
Laetitia Allez is elected Management Subject Chair

Medical Subject Chairs

Rupert Maclaren is elected Medical Imaging Subject Chair
Isabella Barclay is elected Medical Sciences Subject Chair
James Farquhar is elected Medicine & Surgery Subject Chair

Life Sciences Subject Chairs

Lise Fournier is elected Biosciences Subject Chair
Leo Webb is elected Human Geography Subject Chair
Isabella Jones is elected Physical Geography Subject Chair
Jo and Erin are elected Psychology Subject Chair
Rebecca O’Dwyer is elected Sport & Health Sciences Subject Chair

Humanities Subject Chairs

Alice Dobinson is elected Archaeology Subject Chair
Victoria Brown is elected Art History & Visual Culture Subject Chair
Holly Brown and Josh Werrett are elected Classics & Ancient History Subject Chair
Thomas Gunning is elected Drama Subject Chair
Daisy Saunders is elected English Subject Chair

Humanities Subject Chairs

Amber Giles is elected Film Studies Subject Chair
Alish Niftaliyev is elected Flexible Combined Honours Subject Chair
Oliver Smith is elected History Subject Chair
Cherry Anastasia Chan is elected Liberal Arts Subject Chair
Madison Beale is elected Modern Languages Subject Chair
Hannah Lindsay is elected Theology & Religion Subject Chair

Social Sciences Chairs

Felix Goodman is elected Arab & Islamic Studies Subject Chair
Harry Crabtree is elected Law Subject Chair
Filipa Torres is elected Politics Subject Chair
Isobel Hughes is elected Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Subject Chair

College Officers

Chris Phippen is elected College Officer for EMPS
Felix Tira is elected College Officer for the Business School
Ayesha Majeed is elected College Officer for CMH
Leo Webb is elected College Officer for CLES
Cathrin Fisher is elected College Officer for Humanities
Cian Cole Pancucci is elected College Officer for CSSIS

Full Result Breakdown

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