Student Election 2018 Results

Sabbatical Officers

Academic Representation

Each subject has a group of elected student representatives who meet in a Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) - it sounds confusing but they're there to make sure your voice and concerns are raised and actioned when you need it. 

College Officers

These are the highest ranking Academic Reps and work over all the subjects in a college.

Business School
Julie Violett
Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences (CEMPS)
Bidhan Tamang
Humanities (HUMS)
Barnabas Balint
Life and Environmental Sciences (CLES)
Penny Dinh and Ben Fisher
Social Sciences and International Studies (SSIS) 
Talin Aslanian

Subject Chairs and Reps 

They are the 'chair' of the SSLC meetings for your subjects and raise your issues directly with the University staff. The 'subject reps' are course and year-specific roles to raise specific concerns and issues.

Accounting & Finance 
Subject Chair: Zeba Mack
BSc Business and Accounting Rep: Jacklyn Ho
Year 3 Accounting and Finance Rep: Khin Mon
Subject Chair: Holly Brown
Year 3 Archaeology Rep: Jo Crawley & Vicky Cave
Art History and Visual Culture
Subject Chair: Rebeka Eleki
Year 2 Art History and Visual Culture Rep: Hannah Dickson
Subject Chair: Jessica Billington
Year 2 Biochemistry Rep: Isabel Elliott
Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Rep: Anna Shah
Classics and Ancient History
Subject Chair: Aisling Bradley & Elena Quigley
Year 2 Rep: Harry Handyside, Rupert Cole
Year 3 Rep: Isabelle Hawksworth, Patrick Hoyle
Combined Honours Rep: Francis Saint
Computer Science
Subject Chair: Chris Phippen
Year 2 Rep: Pierre de Brosses
Year 3 Rep: Christopher Tyson
Subject Chair: Lottie Wesgarth
Year 2 Drama Rep: Rebecca Baynes
Year 3 Drama Rep: Caroline Hoare, Olivia Harvey
Subject Chair: re-opens for volunteering - apply now by email to
Economics and Finance Rep: Bernard Lam Yoong Wei '
Subject Chair (Mechanical): Camila Castel-Branco
Year 2 Engineering Rep: Max Prustel, Shane Richardson Year 3 Engineering Rep: James Washak, Joseph Zhiyang Zhong Year 4 MEng Rep: Charles Pilleau, Simba Jeje
Year 2 English Rep: Connor Spence, Sally McCarroll, Sebastian Fage
Film Studies
Subject Chair: James Waggott
Year 2 Film Studies Rep: Tabitha Burnett & Sofia Fahron
Flexible Combined Honours
Subject Chair: Cathrin Fischer
Year 3 Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Rep: Tom Whittingham
BA Subject Chair: Emma Quinney
BSc Subject Chair: Pippa Greenwood
Year 2 BA Geography Reps: Amber Delany & Emily DeRitter (role share), and Nicole Clarke
Year 2 Bsc Geography Rep: Emy Passingham & Winnie Healy
Year 3 BA Geography Rep: Ellen Grey
Subject Chair: Sakshi Raizada
Year 2 History Reps: Augusta Thorneycroft, Isobel Clark and William Mapperley
Year 3 History Rep: Katie Nicholls
Cian Cole Year 2 LLB Reps: Kristina Bahmutova, Harry Crabtree; one vacant place to volunteer for
Year 3 LLB Rep: Bharath Syal, Georgia O Brien and Nailah Ibrahimah
Liberal Arts Year 2 Reps: Inez Padiachy
Management and Organisation
Year 3 Management with Marketing Rep: Ruhitha Venkat
Year 2 Mathematics Rep: Georgia Saunders, Kavya Mane Year 3 Mathematics Rep: Leigh Murphy, Rebecca Davey and Harry Day
Year 4 Mathematics Rep: Bethany Lee
Medical Imaging
Subject Chair: Natalie Wheelhouse
Year 2 Medical Imaging Rep: Rupert Maclaren
Year 3 Medical Imaging Rep: Alun Gwernan-Jones
Medical Sciences
Year 2 Medical Sciences Rep: Harriet Warr
Year 2 Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences Rep: Ceri Barton
Year 3 Medical Sciences Rep: Amy Barden and Hateem Rafeeque
Medicine and Surgery
Subject Chair: Oli Glaisyer
Year 2 BMBS Rep: Lucy Reason, Sama Ahmed
Year 3 Exeter BMBS Rep: Lillie Sanders, Tuba Khan
Year 3 Truro BMBS Rep: Asha Hassan, Thomas Nancarrow
Medicine and Surgery
Subject Chair: Oli Glaisyer Year 2 BMBS Rep: Lucy Reason, Sama Ahmed
Year 3 Exeter BMBS Rep: Lillie Sanders, Tuba Khan
Year 3 Truro BMBS Rep: Asha Hassan, Thomas Nancarrow 
Year 4 Exeter BMBS Rep: Daniel James Year 5 Truro BMBS Rep: Hasan Shariff
Year 5 Torbay BMBS Rep: Cameron Boyle
Year 5 Intercalating Rep: Molly Dineen
Modern Languages
Year 2 Modern Languages Rep: Briony Richards
Italian Lead Language Rep: Natasha Craig
Chinese Lead Language Rep: Megan Williams
Physics and Astronomy
Year 2 Physics Rep: Ben Mayberry, Tom Nicholas
Year 3 Physics Rep: Leigh Murphy, Nahnsu Dawkins
Subject Chair: Lara Nicol
Year 2 International Relations Rep: Filipa Torres
Year 2 Politics Rep: Hugh Dollery
Year 2 PPE Rep: Will Knatchbull
Year 3 Politics Rep: Anna Pawluk
Subject Chair: Victoria Horley & Caspian Clunies-Ross
Year 2 Psychology Rep: Ellie Doherr, Rebecca Tufflin, Doreen Chua
Year 3 Psychology Rep: Peter Inwood, Tom Clarke
Year 2 Applied Psychology Rep: Johanna Keeler 
Psychology with Sport and Exercise Rep: Paula Mazur
Sociology, Philosophy, and Anthropology Year 2 Anthropology Rep: Lydia Chapman
Sport and Health Sciences
Subject Chair: Franciszek Gandecki & Cheyenne Barbara Year 3 SHS Rep: Laura Bunce, Christian Schuck, James Lewis
Theology & Religion
Year 2 Theology and Religion Rep: Alice Talbut, Hannah Lindsay
Year 3 Theology and Religion Rep: Molly Conrad, Rebecca Maxwell

Societies Council

As a re-named Societies Executive (SocExec), the Societies Council exists to administer society affiliations and grants. They make sure society governance is at the centre of extra-cirricular activity.

DVP Societies Hannah Taylor
Academic and Employability Societies Officer Amber Delaney
Arts and Culture Societies Officer Olivia Harvey
Faith and Worldview Societies Officer Churong Zhong
Fitness and Wellbeing Societies Office Marie Mihalcea
International Societies Officer Re-open Nominations
Music Societies Officer  Jack Watts
Outdoor and Adventure Society Officer Michelle Bailey
Political, Campaigning and Causes Societies Officer Toby Redington
St. Luke’s and Medical Societies Officer Hasan Shariff

Guild Council

Guild Council is made of a collection of 'specialist' councils (groups of elected students) who take on special projects related to their area and drive specialist student-led change. 'Shadow Council' drive low-level policy decisions and hold Sabbatical Officers and other elected executive students to account over their manifesto progress.

DVP Wellbeing  Amelie Sievers
DVP International  Sophie Juliette-Hassam
Guild Chair  Dan Easterbrook
The Shadow Councillors
Megan Davies
Delane Hammill
Jack Morewood
Jessica Billington
Harry Burton
Cathryn Stocker
Lauren Mogg
Elliot Malik
Daniel Brew
Jack Hindson
Aliia Ahadova
Lorne Falconer
DVP Democracy & Governance Neha Shaji