Katie Heard

Katie Heard


Hello! I’m Katie Heard and I am a third-year drama student. I am friendly, caring and determined to listen to the student voice in order to make the University of Exeter an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for all. 


Every student deserves to feel safe, equipped and included, therefore, I would like to be your next VP Welfare and Diversity. I’ve spoken to many different students, societies and staff members in order to strive for the changes you are calling out for. The following changes are inspired by these conversations.


I've HEARD your wellbeing needs:


    • Expand the wellbeing centre to include a permanent residence on St Luke's Campus. 


    • Promote all wellbeing resources through an app accessible on iExeter including signposts to a wide network of support services. Easy access to referrals for wellbeing counselling sessions will be possible through the app. 


    • Additional phone call reviews from counsellors post wellbeing treatments.


    • Support sessions run by trained students to combat isolation after wellbeing treatments have ended. 


    •  VP Welfare and Diversity to hold termly meetings with the wellbeing officers of societies to address any issues and flag any changes that need to be made. 


    • Listen to the student voice by reviewing a wellbeing anonymous forum in order to make the changes needed to ensure the university is a safe one.


    • Offer fortnightly tutor sessions for PGR students in order to ensure they have one-to-one support throughout their time at the University. 


I've HEARD your housing needs:


    • Collaborate with accommodation companies to create a clear and concise information pack to be given to students early in the year to prevent stress surrounding housing issues.


    • Collaborate further with accommodation companies in order to develop an information pack for late admission students to once again diminish the stress surrounding housing. 


    • Work on delaying the student accommodation release by a month in order for students to fully understand the process, find friends to live with and decrease the stress. 


I've HEARD your inclusivity needs: 


    • Enable ExeterAbility to have an offline presence by arranging opportunities to engage in activities. 


    • Introduce bystander intervention training to introductory lectures in order to stop harassment. 


    • Promote The Provost Commission anonymous form allowing for positive changes in our community. 


    • Ensuring equal amounts of funding/promotion go into events that celebrate diversity as they do for sporting events. 


    • While still promoting campaigns such as #WeAreAllExeter, organise/back events to individually celebrate the many diverse groups we have in Exeter.


    • Organise termly events for postgrad students to combat seclusion. 


    • Organise workshops that educate students on diversity. 


    • Promote diversity by installing flags and artwork from different cultures throughout both campuses. 


Your voice has been #HeardLoudandClear and will continue to be heard with me as your next VP Welfare and Diversity.

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