Kate Byard

Kate Byard

Dedi-kated to your inclusion, wellbeing, and success!

My research area is political and critical theory (special interests in sex work, social reproduction, and citizenship). I am approachable and an attentive listener. I am committed to diversifying the academy and cultivating a rewarding postgraduate experience for all. My manifesto is as follows: 


  •  -Continue Doctoral College events (induction meal and Friday drinks at St Luke’s) 

  •  -Introduce day-time and alcohol-free events 


Study Space 

  • -More desk spaces for PGs

  • -Streamline the currently chaotic and inefficient desk assignment system

  • -Writing Club formats to reserve specific PG spaces   

  • -Book Lockers for those waiting for desks

  • PGR Reps 

  • -University-wide review of the PGR rep system 

  • -Regular meetings/networking for reps to meet with reps from other colleges 

  • -Ensure PGR reps are included in rep training (and end-of-term drinks evening!) 


  • -Oppose casualisation

  • -Establish emergency payments for PTAs in the event of late contracts

  • -Pressure the university to lift the 180-hour teaching cap for 4th year home PhDs (the cap directly impacts working class, and disabled students, who must find alternative income, the hours of which fit must around their research and teaching) 

  • -Negotiate with ISAS on their prohibition of PhDs marking 2nd year essays (which currently leads to a considerable loss of pay).  


  •  -Enhance non-funded PGR’s access to funding for conferences/archival research. 

  •  -Equalise the opportunities for non-funded PGR’s to teach undergraduate seminars  


  • -Publicise services already available to raise awareness of them 


  • -Secure funding for postgraduate yoga to restart 

Mental Health 

  • -Reserve a weekly drop-in session reserved solely for postgraduates 

  • -Organise postgraduate-only wellbeing group sessions (to avoid seminar tutors being placed in intimate environments with their students, which has previously prevented some attending) 

Sexual Harassment:  

  • -Clarify, and enforce, staff-student sexual harassment policy 

  • -Raise #MeTooAcademia awareness campaign 

Sex Workers  

  • -Redesign policy (such as staff misconduct and morality clauses) to avoid sex workers facing discriminatory treatment due to their sex work status. 

  • -Increase specific wellbeing support for sex workers  

Estranged Students 

  • -Dedicated postgraduate point of contact  

Reproductive Health  

  • -Work alongside the Diversity and Welfare officer to restart The Abortion Chaperone service (initially successful but ceased last year).  



Parent Students  

  • -Purchase, and designate, an accessible fridge (or shelf within a fridge) for pre-pumped breastmilk storage 

  • -Encourage alternating days for events (e.g. study/professional working groups) to allow those with child care commitments to attend at least some (this will also be beneficial for students with disabilities and/or data collection commitments).  

  • -Provide conference/archival research funding to cover additional childcare costs 

  • -Work with seminar tutors and module leaders to establish a clarified, and universal, children in PGT seminars policy 

  • -Initiate a pilot Holiday Club for the children of PGs during school holidays.  


  • -Liase with BME representatives to determine how best I can support BME postgraduates, especially considering recent racism scandals (I am white British and so will ensure this point is BME-led).     


  • -Establish a network of working-class academics with the potential for discussion meetings, and pressure campaigns 


  • -Hold regular drop-in sessions for any complaints/queries.  

  • -Accompany PGs to meetings/disciplinaries if support is needed. 

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