Patrick Hoyle

Patrick Hoyle

Vote #PAT4PRES: restoring faith in your Guild.


I’m Pat and I’m standing to be your next Guild President!

I believe that our university can be divided into the three areas: our students, our campus, our Guild – and that the Guild President brings these three areas together, ensuring they work for us and represent us as we need and deserve. However, the Guild has become a source of apathy and anguish for many of us. It fails to be proactive towards tackling real student issues and doesn’t work effectively for those of us who rely on it. I will change this. I plan to restore our faith, as students, in our Student’s Guild and make it an institution that we feel represents us and works with us.

To begin, our campus should be somewhere that truly supports and excites us; but I do not believe it currently does this to the best of its abilities. I plan to:

  1. Introduce a ‘Boots style’ drugstore on campus with prescription service and an affordable diverse range of products (especially sanitary).
  2. Introduce a crossing at the base of Forum Hill to better ensure student safety.
  3. Continue introducing diverse food options on campus catering to diverse dietary requirements and work to ensure equal availability on St. Lukes.
  4. Work with the university to refurbish the Lemon Grove and focus on updating and improving the Grove Diner.
  5. Increase bike rack numbers to encourage sustainable transport.
  6. Re-launch the ‘Study Spot’ scheme to tackle limited on-campus study space.

Secondly, we as students are integral to the Guild and this is why I promise to shift the Guild’s priorities back to students. I plan to:

  1. Pledge the Guild to further tackle issues regarding mental health and ensure effective wellbeing services by expanding current Guild campaigns heightening mental health awareness, and working harder to highlight wellbeing services on both campuses.
  2. Pledge the Guild to be proactive in tackling all forms of discrimination on campus. I will do this by further supporting campaigns against student sexual harassment and explore trialling consent workshops; committing the Guild to better promoting events such as ‘Black History Month’; signposting student hardship funds and campaigning for class diversity awareness; run an ‘Invisible Disabilities’ campaign and introduce a ‘Buddy Badge’ scheme to assist travel to-and-from campus for disabled students.
  3. Run an annual campus food festival designed to celebrate the diversity within our student community.

Finally: our Guild. I plan to:

  1. Review the organisation of society finances by exploring removing VAT charged on society incomes and introduce individual society bank accounts to give societies greater financial independence.
  2. Create an online Guild platform for grads to sell-off bikes and books and introduce a Guild jargon buster and improved map and room search tools.
  3. Introduce a DVP: XMedia to act as a direct Guild Liaison.

If you, like me believe that our Guild can and should be better, vote for me and I pledge to make my manifesto a reality.

Thank you.

#PAT4PRES #WearACap4Pat

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