Cameron Taylor

Cameron Taylor

Inclusion. Wellbeing. Opportunity.

Greetings one and all, I’m Cam, I’m a third year History student, and I am running to be your next AU President!

A bit about me: I have been involved with EURFC since my very first days as a fresher, taking on a role as a Fresh Coach in my second year to being elected as one of the club’s first Welfare Officers. I am a level 2 coach and referee and part of EUWRFC’s coaching set up. Outside of Exeter, I volunteer nationally for the Rugby Football Union as a representative of their Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I am also the Vice-Chair of the RFU National Youth Council. 

My manifesto is based around - Inclusion, Wellbeing and Opportunity. 3 core values of which I am passionate about and believe should be at the heart of sport here at Exeter: 

1. Inclusion

  • I will confront the issue of 'lad culture' in university by working with the Good Lad Initiative. I intend to make Exeter a ‘Good Lad’ Hub, which will enable the university to train its own facilitators and run its own workshops. I will look to incorporate this in the AU Commitee Training Day at the start of the year.
  • I will liase with club committees to establish their own club constitutions. These constitutions will clearly set out standards of behaviour, increasing accountability within clubs.
  • I will review the AU Code of Conduct with the aim to make it more streamlined and accessible for students.
  • I will engage with BUCS Inclusion Week and #ThisGirlCan campaign by hosting inclusive taster sessions and raising awareness of diversity and inclusion through social media. 

2. Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • I will ensure that Welfare Officers are given greater support and guidance in their role. This will be done through one-to-one meetings in the first term. I will look to accompany this with a general meeting in the second term, where Welfare Officers can network with one another and share best practice.
  • I will harness educational resources provided by organisations such as Student Minds and Movember to help destigmatise issues around mental health.
  • I plan to collaborate with the Guild to create a powerful and inspirational social media campaign/video that will raise awareness about mental health and hopefully encourage more students to speak out.

3. Opportunity

  • I will explore the possibility of creating a ‘hardship fund’ for low-income students who are deterred by the costs of joining sports clubs. 
  • My ambition is to also set up a 'Growth & Development fund' for smaller clubs. This grant will support smaller clubs with minor upgrades and development activities. To ensure that this fund is used appropriately, clubs would have to submit an application and meet certain criteria (e.g. evidence of planning, budgeting etc.). There will also be a limited number of allocations per term.
  • I will review and improve the Exeter Volunteer Scheme, and ensure it is better utilised. 
  • Finally, I intend to cooperate with Career Zone to create a career-based workshop for sports volunteers and those wishing to pursue a career in the sports sector.

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