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  • Election Timeline: Training, events and key dates
    • 13 Jan 2020 - Nominations open (09:00)
    • 30 Jan 2020 - Nominations close (16:00)
    • 31 Jan 2020 - Candidate Briefing (FTO) (17:30-19:30)
    • 3 Feb 2020 - Candidate Briefing (PTO) (09:30-12:30)
    • 7 Feb 2020 - Manifesto submission open (TBC)
    • 12 Feb 2020 - Manifesto submission close (16:00)
    • 18 Feb 2020 - Voting opens (09:00)
    • 20 Feb 2020 - Voting closes (16:00)
    • 21 Feb 2020 – Results (18:00-21:00)
  • Election Events
  • Top tips for success

    Run for the right reasons

    Your campaign should be focussed around wanting to make real positive change. Voters won’t connect with you on a personal level if they feel you are being too negative.

    Know how many votes you need to win

    Your campaign needs to reach as many students as possible – remember, you’re competing against other students so your campaign needs to be as effective, engaging and creative as possible!

    Don’t be afraid of asking

    To win you’ll need students to vote for you, and they’ll need a reason to do that. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they know about the election or whether they’ve voted yet – a quick chat can go a long way!

    Budget to win

    Look at what past campaigns have done, and think about the costs of social media, posters and flyers as well as more innovative and creative techniques. Think about what you’re actually going to achieve by doing certain things, and if it’s expensive, work out whether it’s worth the cost.

    Listen more than you talk

    To connect with voters you’ll need to understand their personal concerns. Listen before you talk, empathise with the person you’re talking to and ask their opinion on solutions rather than immediately suggesting your own. Voters want someone they can relate to and will work for their benefit.

    It’s about the voters

    Every elected officer and rep is a student leader whose main role is to represent all students, their opinions, needs and ambitions. To engage students to vote for you there needs to be a connection between what you are promising and what they want.

    Embrace diversity

    The more diverse your voter base the more likely it is you can win. If you focus on one demographic only then you’re limiting the number of people who will vote for you. University is really diverse – don’t ignore voters!

    Motivate, don’t Educate

    Although this is University, there’s times to learn and times to be yourself. Motivate students to vote for you for their own reasons rather than trying to educate them about issues they may never have encountered and have no personal opinion on. You won’t have much time to convince voters, so try to make the best use of your time as possible.

    Pictures speak a thousand words

    Pictures are far more powerful than words. Images tell the story and the best need no caption. The only thing stronger than images are face-to-face contact and direct engagement in your campaign.

  • Printing

    The Guild Print room can fulfil most of your election printing needs, and can provide flyer and poster printing with a fast turn-around time.

    In order to get printing done for an election, provided that you are a candidate for a part-time role in the election or you have registered a campaigner to collect printing on your behalf then your printing will be done on account and you will not have to spend money directly.

    • You'll need to remember your student card when you collect print work!
    • You cannot use this service for essays or other work; only election printing.
    • You may not exceed your budget.

    Candidates for full-time posts are under a separate payment scheme, and so don't get an account with the Print Room.

    Visit the Print Room website

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