Basic Information

Here is the basic information you'll need to complete an application to take a role.

Here is the basic information you'll need to complete an application to take a role.


Role Descriptions for the roles which are filled by application can be found on the recruitment portal under Leadership Roles.

Make sure you read the role description as it contains everything you’re expected to do if you get a place representing other students. You’ll receive skills training and information to help you do the role before you start.

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Style Guide

Be as short and concise as possible; while making sure you set out the detail using the STAR method.

To ensure that our application process helps you gain skills even if you don’t get a place on the Subject Council, we’re using the STAR technique in our application process. STAR is an acronym, which stands for: Situation, Task, Action, Result.

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Application Form

There are five boxes to complete on academic rep application form, and those boxes match the skills and qualities needed to perform the roles.

Each box has a link in the title which will allow you to view more examples from other students, to help you complete each part of your application.

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On the form are compulsory fields for your name, and your email address - this should match your student record and your email should be your University supplied address and not your personal email.

The rest of the form is not compulsory. We do not demand that Subject Chairs select based on the application.

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