Lead your Community Lead your Community

Full Time

Full-time officers lead the Guild and Athletic Union, they are your Officers and the Pro Vice Presidents for postgraduate students.

Part Time

Part-time officers are unpaid executive officers who lead on specific strands of work for Guild Council and Trustee Board.

Academic Roles

Academic Representation is student leaders and representatives working to improve the education experience for all students.

Guild Council

Guild Council are the student government of the Guild and create and shape policy and procedures for democratic decision-making

Why be a leader?

There are employability skills and additional benefits to being a student leader - find out more


You’re not alone on your journey...

Step One - Thinking about becoming an officer
Step Two - Candidate Briefings
Step Three - Preparing your Manifesto
Step Four - Preparing your Campaign
Step Five - Campaigning


For elected posts, find out everything you need to know to become and succeed as a candidate.


Nominating yourself for an election takes three simple steps:

  1. Decide to run »
  2. Pick your Role »
  3. Nominate yourself »

For appointed posts in Equality and Academic Representation, get informed and apply now.


Applying for an appointed post takes three simple steps:

  1. Pick your Role »
  2. Get informed »
  3. Apply Online now »


Elections 2020

  • 13 Jan 2020 - Nominations open
  • 30 Jan 2020 - Nominations close
  • 31 Jan 2020 - Candidate Briefing (FTO)
  • 3 Feb 2020 - Candidate Briefing (PTO)
  • 7 Feb 2020 - Manifesto submission open
  • 12 Feb 2020 - Manifesto submission close
  • 18 Feb 2020 - Voting opens
  • 20 Feb 2020 - Voting closes
  • 21 Feb 2020 - Results

Full timeline for the election.


We may have different goals, opinions and objectives, but there's one thing we can all agree on: University experience is life-changing.

Being part of your student community in a full-time or part-time role will add to your unique experience. You'll have the opportunity to make a real difference, gain a great sense of achievement and be equipped with leadership and communication skills that you can take away to your future path.

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