Guild Council

What is Guild Council?

Your Students' Guild is student-led. This means not only do we exist to represent your interests, our leadership is done by students. 

One of the ways which we do this is through Guild Council. Guild Council is a group of your elected student representatives and it sits at the heart of the Students' Guild. It exists to represent you: all students have the right to bring issues for Guild Council's attention and all students can attend. 

Guild Council does a number of things:

  • Being the democratic forum of students. 
  • Enabling the proposal, discussion, and decisions on student policy of the Students' Guild. 
  • Scrutinising the activity of the Guild and the performance of the Officers. 
  • Approving student and external Trustees of the Students' Guild. 
  • Approving changes to our governance (the Articles and Byelaws). 

In summary, Guild Council exists to ensure that the Guild and its Officers are working well for you.

What Guild Council does is regulated by the Articles and the Byelaws.

Who is a member of Guild Council? 

The members of Guild Council are the Full-Time Officers and the College Officers who have been democratically elected to represent you. Currently, the members of Guild Council are:


They each specialise in an area of the student experience so you might want to discuss your issue with them directly first. 

How can you get involved with Guild Council? 

Attend Guild Council

All meetings are open to all students – so you can come along!

The meetings of Guild Council are scheduled at the start each term; those which have been scheduled are listed below (click on the link to go the event page, here you will find the agenda and the venue/joining instructions). 

You are able to speak at Guild Council if invited to do so by the chair. 

Raise an issue

If there is an issue which you think needs the attention of Guild Council, you can submit it as an agenda item. The chair will then decide which items go on the agenda for the meeting (the agenda can be found on the event page on the Guild website one week before the meeting). If you are unsure whether your issue is suitable for Guild Council, you can speak to the Voice Team and they can advise you ( 

Issues which have been brough to Guild Council recently include: freedom of speech, sustainable food options on campus, and the impact of COVID-19 on students' education. 

The deadline to submit agenda items for the last meeting of Guild Council 2021/22 has now passed. If you have urgent business please contact an Officer

Upcoming Meetings of Guild Council

Guild Council There are currently no Guild Council meetings scheduled.

Minutes of Guild Council meetings

2021/22 Meetings

09 September 2021 (agenda)

06 October 2021 (agendaYouTube Video

11 November 2021 (agendaYouTube Video)

30 November 2021 (agendaYouTube Video)

25 January 2022 + Guild AGM (agenda, YouTube Video)

22 February 2022 (agenda, YouTube Video)

25 March 2022 (agenda, YouTube Video)

25 May 2022 (agenda, YouTube Video)

July 2022 trustee recruitment (proposal paper, vote results)

2020/21 Meetings

04 September 2020 (agenda)

14 October 2020 (agenda)

19 November 2020 (agenda)

07 December 2020 (agenda

13 January 2021 (agenda)

15 February 2021 (agenda)

26 March 2021 (agenda)

07 June 2021 (agenda)

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