Period Dignity Partnership with TOTM

“In 2021, why is there still such a stigma surrounding periods and menstruation? Everyone should have the right to access the products they need to menstruate with dignity, and it is great progress that we are now able to provide free period products on our university campuses.” - Marion Ojua, VP Liberation & Equality

We’re delighted to be partnering with sustainable, ethical brand TOTM and the University of Exeter to provide free period care on our campuses.

Statistics show students struggle to afford and access period products on a monthly basis. Along with Period Poverty Exeter, we’re here to open up conversations and make change, so that everyone who menstruates has access to the products they need. TOTM provide sustainable, plastic free organic products and have been driving conversations about menstruation to break down barriers and get people talking about periods!

You’ll now be able to pick up period products in University Hall laundry areas, and WCs across Streatham and St Luke’s. You’ll also have access to unique discounts on TOTM products too! Every girl deserves dignity, period.

This scheme will also support Binti , an international charity working to ensure every girl has menstrual dignity. Binti are on a mission to provide access to menstrual products, education and smash the associated stigma and taboos in India, Africa, the US and UK.

  • WC Locations Streatham
    • DH1 plus accessible
    • Forum - Auditorium
    • Gender neutral near Costa
    • Peter Chalk
    • Amory
    • Queens
    • Streatham Court
  • WC Locations St. Luke's
    • Giraffe House
    • North Cloisters
    • CrossKeys
    • Baring Court - accessible
  • Laundry Areas
    • Birks Grange (catered)
    • Clydesdale House
    • Cornwall House
    • Garden Hill House
    • Holland Hall
    • James Owen Court
    • Mardon Hall
    • Nash Grove
    • Penn Court
    • Ransom Pickard
    • Rowancroft House
    • St David's
    • UPP Lafrowda
    • UPP Birks
    • UPP Duryard (Teign/Yeo)
    • UPP Moberly
    • UPP Spreytonway
    • Collegiate Radford House

Period Poverty Exe

If you’d like to work with other students to tackle period poverty, and promote period dignity then why not join Period Poverty Exe? Find out more about them and how to sign up here

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