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Student Committee Leader training 2021 – Summer Release

This will prepare you to take on your committee member role in August. From 24th May to 5th July, new sessions will be released weekly focusing on different categories.

Every Monday, the newest release will be at the top of this page.

We encourage you to participate in the sessions as they are released, as well as complete the form located at the end of each so we can track your progress and gather feedback.

We look forward to working with you.

The Student Activities Team

If you have any questions regarding the training, please email

Events Management & Marketing

Events and Activities

This session will take you through the process of running an activity/event as a student group.

Time needed to complete session: 14-16 minutes.

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External Speaker Framework – running an event with guest speakers

This session will explain our external speaker framework and the steps you need to undertake in order to run events involving external speakers.

Time need to complete session: 12-14 minutes.

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Society Fundraising

This session will take you through how your society/student group can fundraise, and the best practice we recommend you follow.

Time needed to complete session: 10-12 minutes.

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This session is designed to help reflect on the term social and what can it mean to different individuals.

Time needed to complete: 5-7 minutes

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Publicity and Marketing

This session will you through how to market your society, our policies around marketing and how to sell your society stash.

Time needed to complete: 7-9 minutes

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Completing your risk assessment

The following session will be released at a later date.

Society & Committee Management

Being a Committee Member

This session will take you through what is expected of a committee, as well as provide advice around setting responsibilities and targets and managing committee meetings.

Time needed to complete session: 6-8 minutes.

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A Membership Led Group: Part 1

This session will take you through the importance of gathering input from your members and best practice from representing their views:

Time needed to complete session: 6-8 minutes.

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Conflict Resolution

This session will take you through how to recognise your conflict management style, respond to conflict and provides techniques and advice around how to manage and resolve conflict.

Time needed to complete session: 8-10 minutes.

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Society Development

This session will show you how to engage in society development as a committee member, and why doing so is beneficial to both you and the group.

Time needed to complete session: 8-10 minutes.

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Essential Management & Representation

What is the Guild?

This session will walk you through the set up of the Students’ Guild, the staff team who will be working with you over the upcoming academic year, and the support they’ll provide.

Time needed to complete: 5–8 minutes.

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Committee Basics

This session will take you through some of the important tools available to you for managing your society, as well as how to access them. It will also explain the basics of GDPR.

Time need to complete: 10 –12 minutes

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This session covers Governance terminology and the Student Activities Byelaw.

Time needed to complete session: 5-7 minutes.

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Release Schedule

Mon 24th May: Release 1 – Essential Management & Representation

Mon 31st May: Release 2 – Society & Committee Management

Mon 07st June: Release 3 – Events Management & Marketing

Mon 14th June: Release 4 – Finance

Mon 21th June: Release 5 – Recognition & Employability

Mon 28st June: Release 6 – Welfare & Diversity

Mon 05th  July: Release 7 – Election

Leadership Academy

Take a look at our Leadership Academy, a space where students can find resources for developing key skills including communication, management and resilience.

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