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  • Muay Thai Term 2/3 Membership£25.00
  • Muay Thai Associate Membership£25.00
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About Us

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To continue to increase membership numbers.
  2. To invest in more kit and run more sessions.
  3. To run sessions that are fun and beneficial to all.
  4. To increase the quality of our interclub competitions and the size of our fight team.
  5. To encourgage more people to grade in Muay Thai or other kickboxing disciplines

Exeter University Muay Thai (EUMT) was affiliated with the Student Guild in spring of 2015. Students had been training with a local gym for a good amount of time and decided to take the initiative and get the university more involved to garner more interest for this great sport.

Muay Thai is a style of kickboxing from Thailand which has its roots in the 3,000 year old style of Muay Boran and is the most effective form of the striking arts - today providing the preferred striking style of UFC fighters and top kickboxers world wide. Also known as the art of eight limbs, due to its use of knees, fists, elbows and shins, Muay Thai offers something for everyone. Whether you want to increase your level of fitness, learn about self-defense or fight competitively, Muay Thai is the ideal choice.

We offer high quality training for all skill levels and are proud to call one of the highest graded muay thai masters in Europe our coach at FSC Muay Thai and look forward to continuing the existing relationship with them.

£25 membership includes free on campus training classes all year, a t-shirt, and additional free gifts. FSC classes are £29.99 a month (free till mid October to try out).

University Training (Lemon Grove):
Monday 4-5pm Beginners
  5-6pm Advanced
Wednesday 1-3pm Sparring
Friday 4-5pm Beginners
  5-6pm Advanced
Sunday 10-12am Women's sparring/kickboxing
  12-1pm Strength and conditioning
  1-2pm Fight team


FSC Training:
Tuesday & Thursday: FSC gym (50 Water Lane, EX2 8BH).
Beginners: 5-6pm 
Sparring: 7-8 pm
Advanced: 8-9pm
Saturday: FSC gym (50 Water Lane, EX2 8BH).
Sparring & sparring skills, all levels: 2-3pm
Fitness and Pads, all skill levels: 3-4 pm
Come by and have a go, the first session's free!!
President: Louis Staley
Vice President: Ryan Twitchin
Vice President (Womens Captain): Jemima Leedham
Treasurer: Darren Chin
General Sec: Mathilda Heller
Training Secs: Omar Tahmas and Alex Mackinnon
Social Secs: Will Butler and Annabel Jackson
Media and Pub Sec: Hermione Blakiston and Toni Shering
Stash Sec: Iestyn Thomas
Welfare Sec: Sam Corkill
Sponsorship Sec: Harry Milne
Development Officer: Thomas Adamson


Committee Members


Committee Officer

Development officer

General Secretary

Media Secretary


Returning Officer


Social Secretary

Sponsorship, Environment and Charities Officer

Training Secretary


Vice President

Vice President (Women's Captain)

Welfare Secretary



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