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EUTCo - Exeter University Theatre Company

As the largest and longest running theatre company on campus, EUTCo produce plays, run workshops, hold socials and much more.

Join EUTCo to get involved. Throughout the year we produce a range of published plays, both contemporary and classical, from our yearly show on the professional Northcott stage, to our annual tour show, where our members direct, perform, and produce at the Edinburgh Fringe, or join our cast and crew for our shows each term, including our 48-hour productions.

University is the perfect time to experiment, and we ask our members to challenge the stereotypical perceptions of what theatre can be. We provide a platform to explore your theatrical interests, be they directorial, artistic or performative. You learn best through doing so don’t worry about experience, just get stuck in - from our Northcott show, the largest venue in Exeter, to our termly 48-hour productions, there’s something to suit everyone.

We run workshops for our members too, from visiting the Northcott to see how it’s run, to providing exclusive training with professional fight choreographers, and hold monologue and auditions workshops before each term’s audition week to help you get that part!

Plus, our members receive a discount on tickets for all of our shows thoughout the year, so even if you don’t want to be involved, you can still come along and watch our fantastic performances and support your friends, all at a discounted member’s rate.


EUTCo Freshers Social
17th September 10am - 1pm
The Ram Bar, Devonshire House, Streatham Campus
Come along to the first theatre social of the year, and meet the team behind the largest and longest running theatre society in Exeter!
Theatre at Exeter does Cheesies
18th September 7:30pm - 9pm
Grove Diner, Cornwall House, Streatham Campus
Theatre at Exeter picnic
19th September 11am - 1pm
Grass Area Outside Roborough Studios
Auditions Workshop
19th September 3pm - 5pm
Roborough Studios, Streatham Campus
Come and speak to the EUTCo team, and meet our directors
Northcott Tour
20th September 5pm - 7pm
Northcott Theater, Streatham Campus
Join EUTCo, Exetech, Footlights and G&S to tour the fabulous Northcott theatre, Exeter's largest venue!
Variety night
20th September 7:30pm - midnight
Monkey Suit Bar, Exeter City Centre
Come along to an Exeter arts and theatre variety night! Representing music, theatre, acapella, and all the arts and performers Exeter has to offer, this night promises to be fantastic entertainment all around
EUTCo Freshers meet-up
23rd September noon - 4pm
M and D Room, Devonshire House, Streatham Campus
At the end of a busy Freshers' Week, come and unwind with the final theatre meet-up of the week! EUTCo will be in M&D, chatting, playing games, perhaps even performing! Meet our first term creative teams and committee if you haven't already!
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