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Exeter Socialist Studentsis a non-affiliaite poltical society that focuses on student issues caused by asuterity and governemental along with univerity cuts. As a non-denominational leftist group, we aim to be an inclusive safe space for all – regardless of your political position. So whether you’re a diehard anarchist, hardcore Marxist, or you’ve just thought about flirting with Orwell a couple of times, we’re the society for you.

We enjoy strong links with other societies and organisations on campus, such as the Feminist Society and Exeter defend education. Through our participation in FemSoc events, we attended the 'Reclaim the Night' march in order to support gender equality and stand in solidarity with intersectionality related causes. Our society participates regularly in campus politics, ranging from activity on the Guild council to demonstrations and debates. Our yearly attendance to free education dmeonstrations accross the UK is steadily increasing, showing an increase in political involvement amongst students. With the help of our members, our society helped start up a free univeristy initiative which was free to join and participate in. This political model which reflected direct student democracy was run by students themselves, univeristy staff, and guest speakers- being one of the first student groups in the country to do so. 

As of September 2015, our society is starting up a housing co-op that will tackle high accommodation rents set by the univerisity along with overpriced housing contracts in Exeter. The univerisity's accommodation prices are starting to parallel private company prices, which is a financial problem that all students struggle with. This issue is becoming more relevant due to the scrapping of maintenance grants that were a neccessary helping hand to students who came from a low income family.


We meet every week on a wednesday to discuss different topics of interest (often inviting guest speakers), plan our campaigns, and head down to the pub for a catch-up. As a political society and as a group of friends, we feel that we can offer a lot to all students, regardless of their politics. We hope to see you soon!

Committee 2017/2018
Co-Presidents: Arthur Dart and Alejo Black
Vice-President: Mateo Peyrouzet
General Secretary: Tor Duca
Campaigns Officer: Gwynfor Rowlinson
Welfare Officer: Alex Rose


SocStu 101
17th September 5pm - 6:30pm
LT6.2, Queen's Buidling, Streatham Campus
Socialist Students 101- An introduction to the tendencies and values within the society as well as an outline and discussion about our structure and our plans for the year
18th September 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Great Hall Piazza, Streatham Campus
Foodfight- we'll be serving free hot food and drink to anyone who wants it to showcase our side project, Exeter Foodfight, where we do the same every week
Impy Social
19th September 8pm - midnight
Imperial Pub, New North Road
Comradely Drinks at the Impy, where we'll get to know each other over some drinks and food
Protest Tactics 101
20th September 6pm - 7:30pm
LT4.1, Queen's Buidling, Streatham Campus
A workshop on safe and effective protest and demonstration tactics
Marxism and Feminism
21st September 6pm - 7:30pm
LT2, Queen's Buidling, Streatham Campus
Our co-president, Amber, will give a talk on the history, divisions and overlap between Marxism and Feminism
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