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Welcome to the Exeter Pakistani society!

Pakistan is a bustling and diverse nation with the snowy peaks of Kashmir; lush valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; fertile plains of Punjab; majestic deserts of Baluchistan and shimmering shores of Sindh. The University of Exeter Pakistani Society is here to provide a forum for promoting and preserving Pakistan’s rich history, culture, music, food  and arts. 

Our diverse range of events will include:

1. Gup Shup Nights

2. Music & cultural exchange Nights

3. Balls, parties & socials

4. Barbecues & Buffet dinners

5. Movie Screenings

6. Shisha & Chai Nights

7. Political debates

8. Cultural and religious events - e.g. Eid & Basant (kite festival)



Chill Out Night
18th July 6pm - 8pm
Want to kick off your return for term 2 by making it an exciting experience? Come along to our Chill Out Night where there'll be lots and lots of GAMES, MUSIC, SNACKS and FUN for everyone! Non-members: £2 | Members: £1
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