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Welcome to the Exeter Pakistani society!

Pakistan is a bustling and diverse nation with the snowy peaks of Kashmir; lush valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; fertile plains of Punjab; majestic deserts of Baluchistan and shimmering shores of Sindh. The University of Exeter Pakistani Society is here to provide a forum for promoting and preserving Pakistan’s rich history, culture, music, food  and arts. 

Our diverse range of events will include:

1. Gup Shup Nights

2. Music & cultural exchange Nights

3. Balls, parties & socials

4. Barbecues & Buffet dinners

5. Movie Screenings

6. Shisha & Chai Nights

7. Political debates

8. Cultural and religious events - e.g. Eid & Basant (kite festival)



Pakistani Society Icebreaker
19th September 6pm - 8pm
Amory B218
Meet the Pakistani Society! We'll be doing activities such as playing icebreaker games so you can get to know the old and new members, with delicious snacks of course, come and join us!
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