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Pole Dancing

Pole dancing for fitness is a unique way of exercising your whole body, significantly improving your strength and your core muscles. People are becoming increasingly aware of its benefits and recognising that it is not just limited to dance but can also be used as a form of fitness. Pole dancing for fitness burns a significant number of calories and is incredibly rewarding; learning a new move boosts confidence and means that each session is accompanied with a goal and a sense of achievement. There is an incredible amount of moves that can be learnt, including spins, poses, transitions between moves, climbs and floorwork that can all be choreographed into beautiful and impressive routines - or, for the non-performer, can be practiced routinely to build up strength and improve overall physique and, more importantly, greater confidence. 

The Society 

The University of Exeter Pole Fitness Society prides itself on being warm, welcoming and encouraging. We accept absolutely anyone into the society, regardless of gender, size or previous experience. We are proud of the respect and the unconditional support that our members have and provide for one another; this is reflected in the way members provide endless encouragement for and celebrate one another's individual goals. For those of you with a competitive streak, we also enter in to two competitions during the academic year (South West Universities Pole Dancing Competition and Inter Universities Pole Dancing Competition) which all members are welcome to audition for. Both competitions have four categories; beginner, intermediate, advanced and group. This allows anyone to partake, however long the have been poling, and encourage as many people to audition as we can!

We have a fantastic social side to our society with socials being held every fortnight, ensuring that we cover all the hot spots in Exeter to give members a great night out as well as many day time socials. We also hold various events and performances, many which involve raising money for charity, that members are welcome to partake in, regardless of ability, to show off their hard work. 

If you are seeking a new form of exercise that is different to anything you have ever done before, look no further than the University of Exeter Pole Fitness Society. If you are curious about joining but wish to try it out first, we welcome non-members into sessions at a charge of £5 per person. Annual membership costs £25 and each class is charged at £3 per member (for every 5 classes attended, the 6 is free). Current society sessions are held in Studio 2 of Streatham Sports Park taken by a certified instructor. We also offer classes in fitness, flow and flexibility at £2 a class that are held in Cornwall house and the Lemon Grove.



President: Victoria Palmer (vjp204@exeter.ac.uk)

Vice President: Rheanne Beresford (rb543@exeter.ac.uk)

Treasurer: Rosanna Weatherly (rcaw201@exeter.ac.uk)

Events: Florrie Speakman (fjs206@exeter.ac.uk)

Publicity: Romy Ashmore-Hills (Ra422@exeter.ac.uk)

Socials: Marta Almeida (ma614@exeter.ac.uk) & Alisha Palmer (ap645@exeter.ac.uk)

Competitions: Grace Arber (ga309@exeter.ac.uk) & Chloe John (cgj204@exeter.ac.uk)

Health and Fitness: Sophie Rodger (sr530@exeter.ac.uk)

Stash: Kate Loosemore (kl400@exeter.ac.uk)

Health and Safety: Kenesha Asiedu (ka333@exeter.ac.uk)

Classes: Nora Elisabeth Mohn (nem209@exeter.ac.uk)

Choreographers: Felicity Hamilton (fh297@exeter.ac.uk) & Zoe Bailey (zb234@exeter.ac.uk)


Spin City Pole Classes
30th April 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Spin City Exeter
Pole Classes held at Spin City Exeter
Spin City Workshop
9th May 7:45pm - 9:45pm
Spincity Exeter
Pole Fitness Workshop at Spin City!
Spin City Pole Classes
14th May 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Spin City Exeter
Pole Classes held at Spin City Exeter
Spin City Pole Classes
21st May 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Spin City Exeter
Pole Classes held at Spin City Exeter
Spin City Pole Classes
4th June 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Spin City Exeter
Pole Classes held at Spin City Exeter
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