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About Us

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To expand the Philosophy Society to involve more people, making it a greater resource to those who study philosophy and those who have a passion for it
  2. To provide an environment where people on the same course can interact socially, away from lectures.
  3. To enhance people's understanding and awareness of philosophy

The Philosophy Society is one of the most active academic societies on campus, we hold socials, put on talks, and organise sports teams, as a way for all those with a love of philosophy to meet and make friends. The society is open for anyone with an interest in the philosophical, so bring your flatmates and friends along!


We hold non-academic socials nearly every week. We have some new big staple events for 2019 including the Christmas Ball, along with a variety of other socials from boozy bowling and pub crawls, to pizza nights and film screenings. We also host Philosophy and Wine every other week at the Ship Inn, where our members get 20% off drinks.


As well as our social events we also host speakers every fortnight. In the past we’ve had talks from the likes of Julian Baggini, David Pearce, and Rupert Sheldrake. We also host a fortnightly seminar series as well as rent out communal study space for philosophy students to study together. On top of this we organise our own journal, Notion.


We currently have both netball and football intramural sports teams that are open for members of the society to join. We also host our own rounders tournament during first term for those of you who want to play sport in a less formal way.

On top of all this there is loads more, including group trips abroad, society stash, and joint socials with other societies. You can find out more by checking out our social medias:


Instagram: @exeterphilsoc

Twitter: @ExeterPhilSoc


Or feel free to get in touch with this year’s committee:


President: William Atkins

Vice president: Adel Takacs

Social Secretary: Harry Percival

Sports Secretary: Andrew Lanham

Treasurer: James Gostick

Publicity Officer: Alexandra Byers

Academic Officer: Anna Romanovska

Director of Notion: Toby Squire


Committee Members

Academic Officer

Director of Notion

Freshers' Representative



Social Secretary

Sports Secretary


Vice President

All Events

Philosophy and Wine
27th February 7:30pm - 10:30pm
M&D room (on campus)
Chilled out discussion, with a trip to the RAM at the end.
Pub Crawl
3rd March 7pm - 11pm
The Ram, The Imperial, The Ship Inn
A casual pub crawl for members to grab a drink at a number of bars across Exeter.
A talk by Adrian Currie
10th March 5pm - 7pm
Queens LT2
Sunday Breakfast
15th March 11am - 2pm
Boston Tea Party
Come and grab some breakfast with us at Boston Tea Party - our penultimate social of the year!
Psychedelics and Philosophy: a talk with the Psychedelics Society
20th March 5pm - 7pm
Streatham Court D
Come along to our joint talk with the Psychedelics and Philosophy society, where we will explore the connection between the philosophical and psychedelic traditions!
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Next Event

Philosophy and Wine
M&D room (on campus)
Chilled out discussion, with a trip to the RAM at the end.

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