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About Us

Aims and Objectives:

  1. We are people of his presence
  2. Recognising every week is missions week
  3. To raise up leaders

 We're a fun Christian society made of students from all over the world - from England to Hong Kong and every nation in between! Our ‘charismatic’ persuasion (e.g. Hillsong/ Soulsurvivor) gives us an emphasis on the reality and power of God, while our love for Jesus Christ inspires our exciting outreach initiatives. We believe God invented adventure and thus enjoy wild socials including bowling nights, open-mic expression nights and themed cookouts.

 If you're coming to Nooma you're guaranteed a warm welcome, laughter, and opportunities for spiritual growth. As well as enjoying our welcoming atmosphere and unpacking relevant topics at our Centrals, you can also get involved in our worship band, growth groups and more. We look to explore the difference between hearing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus.

 Come to our Central every Wednesday in Forum Seminar Rooms 1 & 2 at 7:00pm and enjoy our friendly spirit-filled atmosphere as we kick back to take an inspiring look at life and God. Looking forward to meeting YOU!
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NOOMA Prayer Week
22nd February 8am - 3:30pm
Cornwall House Activity Room 1
1 Thessalonians 5:17 says Pray without ceasing. Join us so we can do exactly that. Let us make our lives a Prayer! This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in God's presence, whether you will be Praying on your own or with someone.
NOOMA Weekend Away
22nd February 5pm - 24th February 7pm
L & A Outdoor Centre
NOOMA’s Weekend Away is a fantastic opportunity to get out of the busyness of life and university and seek GOD’s face. It is a weekend of true encounter, revelation and transformation. Are you hungry to know GOD more? Then please join us!
NOOMA Central
27th February 6pm - 9:30pm
Forum Seminar Room 01 & Forum Seminar Room 02
Come along to our weekly meetings where we will have different activities, this is also a great opportunity to fellowship with others. From Bible studies to worship nights, there is always something to look forward to!
NOOMA Pop up Shop
28th February 9am - 5:30pm
Outside Ram space
Stop by the Pop up Store and get some deals on once loved clothes and accessories to add to your collection! All funds raised will be donated to the Salvation Army.
5th March 7pm - 9:30pm
Forum Seminar Room 10 (The America Room)
Ladies! Come along to this lovely women’s group. This is a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with your sisters in Christ. From Bible studies to interesting discussions, there is always something exciting to look forward to!
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