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About Us

Aims and Objectives for 2020/2021:

We are maintaining our Aims of last year and will do our best amid the current situation.



  1. Expanding the Society and recruiting new members
  2. More activities and socials
  3. Promoting society spirit and pride
  4. Bringing together the Liberal Arts cohort
  5. Be there for Freshers adjusting to Uni life and navigating the LibArts course

Welcome to the Liberal Arts Society, where everyone is invited to join! 

By becoming a member, you'll not only be part of a very broad, diverse and cosmopolitan society, you'll discover the myriad socials we'll be hosting this year: pub quizzes/crawls, video/game nights, movie nights, pizza nights, themed nights, arts nights, even some karaoke? RPGs! a scavenger hunt, hide n’ seek, you even get the chance to vote for a social you want! We’re run by students, for students.

Not only is Liberal Arts an academically challenging degree, it can also be difficult to see your LibArts friends as you all begin to follow your individual learning pathways - this is why we organise fun socials for you to get involved with all year round! These socials are a great way for you to meet fellow course friends and create a great support network across the cohort, especially since we all have different majors.

Yet, what's great is that since Liberal Arts offers so many majors, those that aren't doing the course can still be with students with the same major (i.e Politics, English, Business, Marketing, History, Philosophy, etc).




2019/20 Committee:

President - Naomi Felipe Charlton

Vice President - Aurelia Adler

General Secretary - Alice Rozet

Social Secretary -  Safina Bull

Treasurer - Iman Mir

Arts/Joint/Sports Secretary - Freddie Worrell

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