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About Us

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Promote the Shaolin, Wing chun and Chi'ang Shou Fa kung fu society opening it to everyone of all abilities.

  2. Help new and existing members discover the value of discipline, rigour, respect and fun.

  3. Help members maintain commitment and strong motivation to train regularly.

  4. Maintain regular social events throughout the year.


Whether you have trained in Kung Fu before or another martial art, or you are new to fighting, our training sessions are open for you! We are committed to building a safe and welcoming space with a focus on discipline and improving wellbeing, with instructors that have been practising for over 10 and 15 years respectively.


About our styles, as written by our Kung Fu Instructors:


Chi’ang Shou Fa, a not so well known form of Kung fu, is an assassination style, focusing on speed strength and precision. Focusing attacks on pressure points and weak points of the body may seem like a “dirty tactic” but can be very effective in ending a fight quickly with only a small burst of energy needed. This style trains fighting at multiple different distances, to gain an advantage over fighters that specialise in certain ranges. A sub-style of this is Ganga Daa, specifically a tiger style of Kung Fu which aims to overwhelm the opponent by using fast attacks and forcing them into close combat, making it pair well with Wing Chun.

-Brandon Lin


Wing Chun is a traditional close combat self defence style of kung Fu, and is the only style to be developed primarily by women. Due to its origin, it's optimised for people with a smaller stature, but is still effective for people of all shapes and sizes. Our instructors have studied Ip Ching style wing chun and have a direct lineage to Ip Man, Ip Man being the most famous grand master of the style and teacher to Bruce Lee.

-Mia Selyu



Online Freshers Week Events:

-Tuesday, 15th of September: Introduction to Kung fu society

Q&A with the committee and our Kung Fu instructors, where you can ask us questions about what will be taught and our plans for the future year.


As Kung Fu practitioners, we promote non-violent conflict resolutions, and the utilising martial art techniques for defense and physical and mental well-being only.




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