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Ciao a tutti e benvenuti!

The Italian Society is a great place for language students, native speakers and lovers of Italian culture to meet. 

We have a wide range of socials planned throughout the year, including film nights, pub quizzes and joint events with other language societies, the highlight of which is the Joint Languages Ball.

In addition, our weekly conversation classes will give you the opportunity to practice your conversation skills, regardless of your level of proficiency.

You will be able to experience the authentic Italian experience on our trip to the Bel Paese during the Easter holidays and day trips throughout the year to an Italian-influenced city in the UK!

A presto!


New Committee for 2017/18:


Elyza Mae Loren - President



Gianluca Barks - Vice-President



Etienne Pébrier - Treasurer



Francesco Valente - Social Secretary



Mario Tommasi - Publicity Officer 



Jennifer Di Mascio - Educational Officer




The Italian Society Meet and Greet
17th September 11:30am - 1:30pm
Margaret Room 1, Queen's Buidling, Streatham Campus
An informal gathering during which you'll all have a chance to meet other members of the society whilst eating some quality Italian snacks.
La Vita e' Cheesie's
18th September 7am - 11:59pm
Imperial Pub, New North Road
Come join us for some drinks followed by one of Exeter's most famous nights out: Cheesy Tuesday!!
What happens outside the World Cup
18th September 11am - 1pm
MUGA Pitch, Sports Park, Streatham Campus
Who doesn't like a good kick-about? Come join us for some football at the MUGA pitch, you won't be disappointed!
Say "Ciao" Italian language taster session
20th September 11:30am - 1pm
LT4.1, Queen's Buidling, Streatham Campus
Ciao a tutti! Get a taste of how our language classes are going to be!
Come wine with me
21st September 7pm - 11pm
Rendezvous Wine Bar, Exeter City Centre
Come wine with us! Enjoy some tasty Italian wine with some snacks on the side.
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