Friends of Israel Society

Aims and Objectives:

General Aims:
- Educating the student body on Israel; its history, culture, and traditions. 
- Raising awareness about anti-Semitism and through education working to eradicate it from our community. 
- Raising awareness about the UK and Israel’s strong connection and history.
- Support Israel’s democratic right to exist. 
- Promote peace, justice, and security for all parties in the Middle East
- Provide students access to Israeli culture
- Encourage open dialogue on Israeli politics, both domestic and international
- Examine Israeli society and politics from all angles
- Foster a community of Exeter students who are passionate about Israel and the Middle East

Specific Aims:
- To establish the society with a membership of several dozen individuals.
- For this Committee to leave a lasting legacy and framework for pro-Israel activism on-Campus.
- To hold at least one event every eight weeks. (This figure may seem low but we realise schedules are tight and many of our members are involved in other political, religious and other societies/groups/commitments.
- To prove to the Campus community a group of our nature can exist in harmony with others by avoiding contentious behaviour and extending an olive branch to interested parties.

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