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About Us

Bienvenue à l'Association Française 2019-20!


Aims & Objectives:

  1. To bring everyone together through a mutual love of French with new and exciting socials.
  2. To organise a trip to a French-speaking country.
  3. To organise regular conversation classes, whether you're fluent or a beginner.
  4. To work with other Language societies to create the best atmospheres at socials.
  5. To hold regular socials to create a bigger sense of community.
  6. To create amazing French Soc stash!
  7. To ensure that our members get a say in the socials that we create, so that everyone can be as involved as possible.
The French Society is the place to be for everything France related! Whether you are a beginner, post A-Level, or even a native speaker, on vous souhaite la bienvenue!
As one of the biggest societies on campus, we ensure that we offer a variety of oppurtunities for our members ranging from interesting and unique socials, to valuable and stimulating conversation classes. There's something for everyone!
The French society is a wonderful community of students who want to share their love of the French language and culture with others. So get involved! You can sign up online via the Guild website.
Make sure you rester au courant and like our Facebook page: or follow us on Instagram:

Meet the Committee:

President – Devon Coles

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Vice President – Frankie Collier

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Treasurer –  Carys Evans

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General Secretary – Anthony De'Carlile

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Social Secretary – Alex Young

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Social Secretary – Zoë Desgland

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Publicity Officer – Libby Swan

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Conversation Class Officer – Flores Wigdahl

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Conversation Class Officer – Molly Roberts

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Committee Members

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General Secretary


Publicity Officer

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Vice President

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