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About Us

Aims and Objectives:

1. Dedicated to upholding freedom of expression and inquiry on campus. Our weekly Pints and Policy events provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere for student-led political discussion; with P&P topics having covered everything from the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, to the failure of the war on drugs, to the importance of individualism and romantic era art.

2. Hold high-profile and intellectual speaker events to expose students to new ideas which they can consider and challenge. In the past we have had speeches by Dr Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute and libertarian former MEP Bill Etheridge.

3. Welcome all who want to help us promote ideas of liberty at the University of Exeter.

The University of Exeter Freedom Society is the premium libertarian society on campus and we are dedicated to promoting liberty. We hold a Pints and Policy event every Thursday evening where members can give a speech about whatever they wish and be questioned afterwards. P&Ps provide a safe, relaxed and fun atmosphere for political, philosophical and economic discussions and our members enjoy staying till closing time talking and drinking with each other.

In additon, we host speaker events from external groups such as the Ayn Rand Institute and the Institute of Economic Affairs and also maintain good links with our parent organisation, The Freedom Association, so that our members can stay up to date with what our parent organisation is up to and attend their events as well.

If you're more interested in open political discussion rather than listening to speakers, our monthly special events provide that too - pub crawls, cocktail evenings, dinners and even or our termly black-tie poker provides a more open environment in which you can enjoy yourself in. We also have a Football team and an upcoming Netball team if you want to try your hand at inter-society sport!

Recently we have been expanding out into internal debates over issues such as elections and economics and are planning to host more in the future where libertarians, conservatives and right wingers of all sorts can debate their ideas in a more formal and intellectual environment.

We are the most active, fun and energetic poltical society on campus and are serious about promoting and discussing libertarian ideas. As Ronald Reagan once said:

"Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction".

If you want to fight to keep liberty alive then join Freedom Society today!

(During the COVID-19 pandemic we seek to maintain as much normal society service as possible within the realms of the law and safety - this will include an online speakers event on the 15th September and hopefully, if possible, an in person pints and policy event on freshers week, follow our facebook page for more details:


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