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Aims and Objectives:

  1. Promote awareness for public affairs of Hong Kong, China and the world
  2. Contribute back to the local and Hong Kong community through social service events and activities.

HKPASS stands for Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society. It was first established by a group of Hong Kong students in LSE fourteen years ago. HKPASS has since then expanded to over 20 universities across the UK.

EXHKPASS was established in 2011 with the aim to promote public awareness of public affairs in Hong Kong, China, and the world, and also to give back to the communities we live in through social service. With these core values held in mind, the previous committee members of EXHKPASS have worked to serve EXHKPASS and we, the 2018-2019 committee, hopes and believes that we will carry this goal further. 

The essence of our Public Affairs department is to provide a platform for our members to participate in debates and discussions. Throughout the coming year, we will organise regular discussions and a parliamentary-style debate tournament as our main event for the year. Another privilege EXHKPASS members will have is the access to inter-university PASS forums, debates, and a range of other discussion-based activities; as our society will be taking day or overnight trips to other cities to take part in PASS events that are hosted by other universities.

The main project our Social Service department organises include a computer class for elderly people on campus and SmART Club where we do arts and craft with children in a local school here in Exeter. Through these projects, we have built a long and friendly relationship with a local social service centre and the local schools. Additionally, our Social Service department also fundraises for various charities through food sales and other events. 

Executive Committee for EXHKPASS 2018-19:

President: Ivan Kwong

Email: tfik201@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number: +852 9778 3697 / +44 7378 292304

Vice President: Charis Teo

Email: ct540@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number: +44 7475 022233

Public Affairs Officer: Francesca Lee

Email: htl208@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number: +852 6623 8059 / +44 7378 294257


Social Service Officer: Andrew Choy

Email: wyc208@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number: +852 9155 2831 / +44 7478 079183


Social Service Liaison Officer: Cadee Ho

Email: ykh203@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number: +852 9133 8714 / +44 7867 213936


Publicity Officer: Queenie Li

Email: wl354@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number: +852 6702 0623


Secretary: Katarina Chiu 

Email: mtc214@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number:+852 6308 8694 / +44 7753 944650


Treasurer: Ivan Hui

Email: yh435@exeter.ac.uk

Phone Number: +852 6273 3677 / +44 7481 524755


Event Manager: Mavis Lee

Email: cyml201@exeter.ac.uk 

Phone Number: +852 9223 6619 / +44 7749 796624


Official Email: exhkpass@gmail.com


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