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What is Effective Altruism?

Effective Altruism (EA) is a growing movement that asks the question ‘how can I do the most good with the resources I have? 


There are many different ways to answer this, so the strategy that you take should be tailored to you. Using evidence-based approaches and careful analysis, EA investigates the multitude of ways you can make a measurable difference in an effective cause area, suited to your passions, skills or career goals. 

Exploring how you can have the most impact is a fascinating process. How do we work out how much ‘good’ is done and measure this fairly across different causes? Is doing good about increasing happiness, reducing suffering, or something else? What does being ‘effective’ look like’? How do you choose which cause to focus on? Where do your skills come into it?

As a society, we get together and discuss these questions as well as a variety of topics such as 

    • Global Poverty
    •  Animal Welfare
    • Climate Change
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Biological risks
    • Existential risk
    • Catastrophic risks to humanity  
    • The longterm future and why it’s important

Our primary focus is on discussion and learning, but we want this to lead to action! 

On average you have 80,000 hours in your career, so lets put them to good use. In term two we will run personalised careers workshops that will explore how to make a measurable difference in an effective cause area that is suited to your skills and interests. This doesn’t necessarily involve direct charity work or other traditional options - there are tonnes of routes available.

In addition to our fortnightly discussion sessions; we organise socials, collabs, and (hopefully!) speaker events with a weekend retreat on the cards. Our ‘Pomodoro’ group study sessions create a productive space for studying, research or working on projects. 

The Effective altruism is a global movement, so there’ll be a chance to get involved with remote fellowships, international conferences and getting together with other EA student groups as well as forming connections with EA members in various career areas. 

If this sounds good to you come along to an event, join our facebook group or drop us a message!

Committee 2020-2021:
Co-President: Gintare Slauzgalvyte & Charlotte Darnell
Treasurer: Linus Goh

Resources & Links:

Websites :







The Life You Can Save - Peter Singer

Doing Good Better - William MacAskill

The Precipice - Toby Ord

Superintelligence - Nick Bostrom

Human Compatible - Stuart Russell


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