Engineers Without Borders Society

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Aims to inspire students, educators and engineers at all levels to use their skills and experience to develop engineering solutions to global issues, such as climate change and human development.
  2. Inspire about current engineering projects and movements related to our focus and enable our members to gain relevant skills themselves.
  3. Inviting external speakers to talk to our society monthly, running regular educational workshops, and connecting with partner organisations such as Windaid
  4. Inspire the next generation of engineers, and so we regularly do outreach trips to local schools to run interactive EWB workshops as STEM ambassadors.

Do you want to save the world? Are you passionate about global change? 

Engineers Without Borders is for the society for you

EWB is a national charity aimed at removing barriers to development through engineering, of which Exeter is a relatively new, yet successful, branch. We aim to aid the development of communities where infrastructure is a problem by using our unique engineering skills to do this. We have students from all disciplines involved – you don’t have to be an Engineer to be part of EWB-Exeter! We are especially looking to broaden our society this year into other subject areas, especially within science and technology. 


EWB Exeter has a very successful youth and schools outreach programme! Through our society you can become trained as a STEM ambassador, and as a society we connect with local schools to run interactive workshops about engineering and sustainability. If you are interested in inspiring the next generation of engineers, then this is a brilliant opportunity to get involved! It also looks great on your CV. 


EWB-Exeter also organises inspiring and academically related events including talks from professionals in the fields of development engineering and disaster relief, counting towards Civil Engineering degrees and undergraduate projects in development engineering. 


There have also been many projects and placements, all over the world, lasting from anything from three months to a whole year. One summer, ten EWB Exeter members raised £10,000 to travel to Uganda for one month in order to install two rainwater harvesting systems and a composting toilet in the Mubende district of Uganda. Many of our members have had incredible experiences going to Peru to build wind turbines through our strong partner charity, Windaid. 


To help fund these projects, previous fundraising events have included the ‘Cycle in the Foyer’, which saw us racking up the miles on a turbo trainer in the foyers of Harrison building and Devonshire House, running the Exeter half marathon, kayaking along the River Exe and abseiling down buildings in the centre of town!



Want to get involved? Got any questions? We would LOVE to hear from you. Please contact us through the facebook page, or email us at 


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