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What is slacklining?

Basically, slacklining consists of walking along a narrow piece of webbing attached between two trees. There are different types of lines used, depending on what you want to do on the line:
- beginner lines, generally between 5-20 meters long and tensioned enough so that they don't wobble too much
- longlines, generally considered to be a line 30 meters or longer
- tricklines, which are lines tensioned enough so that you can bounce and do various dynamic tricks
highlines, which are lines over cliffs, mountains, buildings, etc., where you wear a harness to catch you if you fall
- also there are rodeo lines, water lines, yoga lines, the list goes on!

Why you should slackline:

- fitness, slacklining offers you a whole body workout, and you'll be having fun while you do it!
- improve your balance, if you have bad balance, learning to slackline will fix that!
- it's relaxing, slacklining offers an unusual mix of adrenaline and relaxation - try it and find out for yourself!
- meet friendly people
-although it can take a few hours of practice before you can walk a slackline, once you get the hang of the basics you'll find it's easier than it looks and you'll be learning tricks in no time!

What we offer:

- regular sessions for all skill levels
- lessons for beginners
- help learning to rig a slackline
- help learning various tricks
- a variety of lines to play on

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