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We are a student group with a mission - to make the world a better place through entrepreneurial action.

Here’s the breakdown:

Enactus Exeter is part of a network of student societies in universities all over the world.  Each university’s Enactus team runs projects aimed at tackling the world’s biggest issues in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way.

The key distinction is that these projects are not charities - they are social enterprises: Innovative businesses that empower beneficiaries and do good for society.

At Enactus Exeter our projects work together with social enterprise experts, business leaders and sponsor companies to improve the lives of people locally and internationally.

We want you to be a social innovator:

By joining our projects or fundraising team you can set yourself apart from other students, and take the skills to the next level.

You will be exposed to unique opportunities to attend training events, meet beneficiaries and network with professionals from sponsor companies.  Most importantly of all, you will change the world for the better.

It’s an awesome society and we get to do amazing things. You could be a social entrepreneur with us, so don’t miss out:


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Our projects are at the heart of what we do:

Biosmart is based in the small town of Kadzinuni on Kenya’s east coast.  Local deforestation means that women and children have to endure a 3-hour round trip each day to collect wood and charcoal to cook on. This is time that could be spent at school or supporting the family at work.  Biosmart saw an opportunity for entrepreneurial action. They are working with the women of Kadzinuni to produce charcoal locally using agricultural waste.  The project will provide, jobs, fuel and free time to find work or go to school, for many families in the village. The project is currently at implementation stage with the first charcoal furnaces already built and tested.

Food Recyclist is a project in its early stages. The project aims to redistribute waste food to homelessness charities by cycle courier.  The enterprise will be facilitated by an app to link rider with donating business and receiving charity. The app is currently under development and we’re exploring possible business plans and partners.

Lighthouse is a project seeking to empower young people at risk of homelessness. They’ve been getting to know beneficiaries through involvement with Exeter's YMCA Job Club. Lighthouse aim to set up successful social enterprise to employ and empower their beneficiaries. This will involve entrepreneurship training and opportunities to gain skills, experience and a sense of being valued by the community.  Lighthouse aims to enable their beneficiaries to become independent, financially sustainable and break the cycle of homelessness. Through capturing the stories of the individuals we work with, we aim to remove the stigma associated with homelessness and support young homeless people in being integrated back into the community.

The fundraising team provides the financial support of the projects.  Think of it as a mini RAG; running fundraising events and commercial ventures throughout the year to provide the funds to make our projects the best they can be, as well as getting our team around the UK and across the world.


Hot Food with Enactus
17th September noon - 3pm
Grass Area Outside Forum
Come meet society members, learn about the social enterprise projects we're running and enjoy some delicious hot food! Vegetarian and vegan food will be available.
Freshers Week Stall
20th September 10am - 4pm
Forum Street, Streatham Campus
Come find us in the in the forum to learn more about Enactus. Speak to our members and get more information about our fantastic projects!
Enactus Pub Scavenger Hunt
20th September 7pm - 11:30pm
The Ram Bar, Devonshire House, Streatham Campus
Join the Enactus society for the best scavenger hunt of the week! Come in teams to check off as many things on our scavenger's list, as we crawl our way from pub to pub! The hunt begins in the Ram
Enactus Meet and Greet
21st September 3pm - 4:30pm
The Ram Bar, Devonshire House, Streatham Campus
Chance for students to meet the Enactus committee!
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