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Whether you are native, studying Portuguese or simply interested in the Lusophone culture, then this is the society for you. 

We will be working with related societies who have common aims and objectives, diversifying the involvement of the societies in Portuguese and Lusophone events and socials. Representing those students who are from a Portuguese speaking country and those students who are studying (and those who want to learn) Portuguese. 

We will be meeting up weekly for "Conversas no Café" in various locations and online, especially those with links to the Lusophone world. Have more academic conversation classes for those students wanting to learn/practice Portuguese. We will be here to help anyone with their year abroad preparations, including conversations with current and former year abroad students. There will be BBQs, relaxed bar crawls, football matches and more. We also plan on creating Portuguese Intramural Football and Netball teams.  We will give you a chance to meet Portuguese speaking natives from all around the world through online video calls, creating an online Exeter x Lusophone community (as well as being a society for the growing community of Lusophone natives in Exeter). Imagine Nandos and Super Bock, Capoeira and Samba, Carnival and Football, Peri-Peri and Azulejos etc… all in one society.

Everyone is welcome. Come join us.  Até Logo, See you soon!


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