German Theatre Society

Aims and objectives:

  1. Explore German theatre. We aim to explore German literature and culture in an artistic environment.
  2. Provide a social outlet for German students and speakers. Our society provides a space for members to socialise in a creative setting.
  3. Improve fluency. Through staging plays in German, as well as attending workshops and socials, members can improve their literary knowledge and fluency.

University of Exeter German Theatre Society is a German-speaking theatre group. We explore and share the rich history of German theatre together through performance. We aim to perform one play in German per year, where all areas of the society will be able to participate, whether it be acting onstage, promoting and organising the play, or helping backstage. We also hold theatre workshops in German, where we play theatre-based games and learn about German theatre in order to develop skills such as improvisation, acting through a language barrier, and fluency. In addition to workshops, we will also conduct socials where members can improve their language skills with each other, as well as develop our close-knit society.

We are a very welcoming society and love to hear our members' ideas - if you have read a play you liked, or have an idea for a new activity, we will happily explore it within the society. 

German Theatre Society is open to all abilities of German - whether you are a beginner, learner or native speaker, come to our society to have fun, share ideas and find like-minded people. Bis bald!


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