Fika Society

In Sweden the term ‘Fika’ signifies stopping for a coffee break, not necessarily considered as a revolutionary idea to the caffeine-reliant stressed student. We are all well accustomed to glugging down a Pret filter before running to save a space in the library, whilst trying to shout hello back to someone from your seminar group across the forum sort of ‘coffee break’. Fika, means actually stopping, slowing down and taking a real break from the rush and stress of life, finding some peace.


We believe that the ethos of ‘Fika’ is incredibly important and can easily be overlooked in the everyday life of a student who is trying to balance a social life, with work, sports and generally trying to stay afloat. Fika society would like to provide you with respite from the exciting but simultaneously exhausting university life, through meetings that put your happiness first, and leave you feeling refreshed rather than tired and/or hungover.

Fika society members will be offered weekly opportunities to prioritise their wellbeing and overall happiness by trying something new in a relaxed and open environment, away from the pressure of socials (as great as they are) and deadlines. We provide ourselves on the variety of events we are able to offer our members, and believe that we have something for everyone in the student community. Currently in the diary are collaborations with meditation society, ‘Cool Runnings’ and campus cinema, as well as plans for a llama trek, sushi making, beach trips to name a few.

We are incredibly lucky and excited to have teamed up with Fika: the ‘emotional fitness workout’ app, which aims to increase our emotional strength, empathy and confidence, and are delighted to join them in making the Fika concept commonplace everywhere, not just Sweden.

Join us in spearheading the rise of this movement to increase wellbeing and mental health across the world, starting by taking a break and trying something new with Fika society.

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