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About Us


What is QSoc?

A brand new student society for Quakers, friends  of Quakers and people interested in finding out about Quakers

What are the Society’s Aims?

To explore faith and society in a modern context, looking from a Quaker perspective.

What are Quakers?

We are a religious group, with roots in a 17th-century offshoot from Protestantism, with a strong social conscience and a pacifist tradition (we won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947).  We have groups around the world, and are involved in many progressive social and political movements. We were responsible  for starting some famous British businesses, like Barclays Bank, Cadburys chocolate and Clarks shoes. 

Quakers value peace, sustainability, truthfulness, simplicity, equality and  justice

How much does it cost to join?


Who are the QSoc committee

President: Ghee Bowman

Secretary  & Treasurer: Imogen Hanvey

Who can join?

Anyone. You don’t have to be Quakers already. The great thing about Quakers is that you don’t need to ‘sign up’ to anything in particular. There are Atheist Quakers, Humanist Quakers, Christian Quakers, Buddhist  Quakers, Muslim Quakers, Jewish Quakers and so on and so on. Anyone can come to our events and join in. And anyone can join the society. Maybe even you…

What kind of events will you be holding?

We’re holding a launch event on Weds Oct 3rd that we’re calling ‘Introduction to Quakers (Q101)’, with a panel of speakers, discussion and free, delicious organic food.

Speakers on Quaker-related topics

Multi-faith and interfaith events

Dinner meetings: sharing simple food and talking about things that are important to us

Film and theatre trips 

And as we’re brand new, we’re very open to suggestions of activities


Sorry, this group is NOT currently running any events.
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