Thaqafatuna: Our Culture


Without any political affiliation, the idea of this society is to shed light on the lives of ordinary Middle Eastern people and provide an opportunity to Western people to know more about the Middle East. It will focus on the Middle Eastern people, their morals, the social bond with members of their families and the society at large. The program aims to demonstrate the variety of Middle Eastern traditional culinary cultures, legends, literature, art, etc. Program activities will continue every other week and will focus each time on a different region with its traditions, food and accents.



  1. To present Middle Eastern cultures from the perspective of the native people.
  2. To demonstrate the diversity and variety of cultures throughout the Middle East.
  3. To provide an overview of folktales and traditions, and how they shape the identities of the people.
  4. To offer the chance for the University’s staff and students alike to taste Middle Eastern food and their special ingredients. 

Committee Roles

  1. President:
    • Raafat Al Shawi    
  2. Treasurer:
    • Hatim Algraigray
  3. Secretary: 
    • Mohammed Asiri

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