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As a global community, we aren't doing the most good we could be. Billions of pounds are spent on foreign aid per year, and yet global poverty still remains. We've been trying to resolve the climate change crisis for over a decade now, but to little avail. Animal cruelty has been a topic of discussion for as long as most can remember, but factory farms still dominate the every-growing meat industry. So what's going wrong, and how can we as indivduals make a difference, and help the world as a whole to do better?

While we see lots of money and time going into solving the world's problems, we don't often see how that money and time is being spent. Some charities are hundreds or even thousands of times more effective than others, yet these charities aren't being supplied with adaquate resources, while less-effective but maybe better-known charities are using more than their share of the resources. We thus need to make sure that those who are donating money and time are doing so in the most effective way possible

Effective Altruism was created to solve this issue. Effective altruists use evidence and reason to evaluate the effectiveness of charitable giving, and encourage giving the most that we can, in the most effective ways that we can. We assess which lifestyle changes have maximal impact, and determine which cause-areas are worthy of our attention, such as global poverty and health, animal welfare, existential risk, and many others.

Effective Altruism Society (EA Soc.) is an Exeter-based community which promotes EA values and acts as a platform for EA-focused discussion and campaigns. We aspire to learn how we can use our resources, careers, and free time to do the most good possible, and put this knowledge into practice.

No matter which cause-area an effective altruist focuses on, we all share the same vision: we want to do good better!

If you want to find out more about Effective Altruism, you can visit The Centre for Effective Altruism page here.


2017/18 Committee:

President: Jone Tamosauskaite
Vice-President: Victor Alexa
Treasurer: Nick McAlpin
Campaigns Secretary: Daisy Newbold-Harrop
Publicity Secretary: Lara Gray
Welfare and Diversity Representitive: Alex Rose??

Logistics Secretary: Dom Smith

General Secretary: Ross Tayler



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