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“Combining Empathy with Evidence”

Being at university presents us with many opportunties to make a difference. But if we want to have the greatest impact, we need to choose our actions carefully. The effective altruism (EA) movement was created for this purpose; to help us find the best way to do the most good. Through the use of applied rationality and evidence-based approaches we investigate the multitude of ways you can make a measurable difference no matter what your passions or career goals.

There are lots of issues facing our world, some which you will be familiar with - global poverty, animal welfare, and of course climate change - and some you may not, like existential risk (world-altering disasters - yup, they're a thing we worry about). As effective altruists we try to discover the best ways to tackle these issues.

Despite the seriousness of our goals, we have built a friendly community of people who care deeply about solving these global problems. We meet every week to share in discussions and socials, and collaborate on personal development, career planning, and projects. This year, the society will be taking a hands-on approach to doing good - more than just discussing the most effective ways we can make a difference, we will be putting our beliefs into action through our projects, challenges, and fundraisers.

We are looking for people (THAT’S YOU BTW) to join us for an exciting year at EA Exeter.

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Your Committee 2019/20 -

  • President: Daisy Newbold-Harrop
  • Vice-President: Gintare Slauzgalvyte
  • Treasurer: Chay Morris



Information Stall
16th September 2:30pm - 4pm
Forum Street
Information Stall
17th September 2pm - 4pm
Forum Street
So you want to change the world and eat pizza...
17th September 6:30pm - 8pm
Forum Seminar Room 11
Information Stall
18th September 2pm - 4pm
Forum Street
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