Capoeira Society

Capoeira Society

MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: Twice weekly 2 hour long training sessions on Zoom and in person when possible with the incredible Brazilian Contramaestre Anjo as our guide. 

  1. Introduce the Brazilian culture of Capoeira through the teaching of fighting style and music.
  2. To foster and promote a community through multi-culturalism. All different, all equal.
  3. Develop a supportive and fun environment for our members.

Capoeira is a beautiful Brazilian martial art that involves acrobatics, tactics, elements of dance, and music in a playful fight/game. Developed by slaves in Brazil, it is now a widespread art form all over the world and a UNESCO cultural intangible heritage. 

We (of absolutely every single differing ability) practice together regularly, in conjunction with Exeter city’s group. Absolutely everyone is welcome; having a range of abilities, ages and genders creates an incredible dynamic that provides both challenge and joy to everyone involved. By being a part of the city group, we have the great honour of being trained by Brazilian Contramaestre Anjo, and are also deeply intertwined within the Southwest’s capoeira web alongside them.

Still, we are a small group, and rest assured that Capoeira has a special way of forming wonderfully authentic and grounded friendships between everyone involved. 

The society holds weekly classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, mixing Capoeira, music and maculele.

For more details on events, join our Facebook group, like our Facebook page or subscribe to our mailing list by sending us an email.

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Capoeira, as an exercise, tradition and social movement, has its roots deeply ingrained within injustice. We cannot simply engage with the fitness benefits of the martial art without first acknowledging the Angolan slaves who suffered to create this beautiful style of movement. We cannot simply sing these songs created by the masters over 100 years ago without understanding what these lyrics mean to the very same people who wrote them. Capoeira is at its best when it is at its most inclusive, when people of all races and ages can live this tradition together. As a way of living it is uniquely and fundamentally anti-racist and, more topically, a proponent of both black and Latin-American culture. It is for this reason that Exeter University Capoeira Society stands with the Black Lives Matter movement in light of not only recent events, but also the long history of oppression and racism (both implicit and explicit) that has plagued society for generations. We aim as a club to continue exploring and respecting the heritage of Capoeira for many years to follow.

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