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The BruEx Society houses students from Brunei Darussalam who are currently studying in Exeter. While we were established for the purpose of creating a home away from home for Bruneian students, we welcome any enthusiasts to our close-knit society!

A portmanteau of BRUnei and EXeter, our objective is therefore twofold: to help integrate Bruneian students to the culture and lifestyle of the UK and to promote Brunei Darussalam's rich culture, history and tradition to anyone who's interested.

We do this by organizing social events, both large and festive as well as small and intimate, where you can meet and socialize with other Btruneian Students, learn the Bruneian language and taste local delicacies!

So whether you're a homesick Bruneian student or simply a student interested in our tiny country in Southeast Asia, we welcome you to join BruEx Society!


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