Rep Meetings

Information on student rep council meetings for council Chairs and Student Reps.

Information on student rep council meetings for council Chairs and Student Reps.

Rep Meetings

The Chair of the student rep council is responsible for leading student rep meetings. Your Academic Impact Co-ordinator will support you in setting up specific preparation meetings in advance of your SSLCs or PGRLFs to compile and consolidate student feedback, but please do get in touch if you would like additional meetings.

Rep meetings can be an opportunity for you to touch base with your reps, discuss anything that needs discussing before SSLC or PGRLF meetings, update your reps on any progress made on discussions you’ve been having with staff members, and let them discuss and update on work they have been doing.

Frequency: We would recommend that all reps meet together at least twice per term, before an SSLC or PGRLF meeting, but the frequency is at the discretion of the Chair.

Attendance: We would typically recommend that all reps attend rep meetings, however if the Chair wishes, they are free to organise smaller meetings with specific reps.

Recording: At the discretion of the Chair. We would recommend that someone keep a written record of matters discussed, including any actions arising from the meeting and who they are assigned to.

Purpose: To allow student reps to consistently communicate with each other regarding matters relating to Student Representation, including preparing agendas for SSLC and PGRLF meetings, filtering academic and non-academic feedback for the right places, and following up on actions.

The first meeting of the year will also be when your Chair selects the student rep members of the SSLC and discusses other interests and responsibilities with reps.

The nature of student rep council meetings will very much depend on your Chair, and what they feel is necessary for you as a group. As they are very much informal, we would highly encourage you to work together as a team to develop the format of your meetings.

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