Removing a Rep from Post

If the situation arises where you feel a rep needs to be removed from their post, this will guide you through the process

If the situation arises where you feel a rep needs to be removed from their post, this will guide you through the process

Removing a rep from Post

Before reading this, please have a look at the Managing your Reps guide for information on ensuring your reps are empowered, happy, and performing their role to the best of their ability.

Reasons to remove a rep from post

While the management of reps is ultimately your responsibility as a Subject Chair, the following are some potential indicators that a Rep is not adequately fulfilling their responsibilities, and thus possible reasons for removing a rep from post:

  • Lack of apologies sent when missing multiple SSLC meetings
  • Lack of communication with Subject Chair over an extended period of time
  • Use of representative role for personal gain
  • Unacceptable conduct or behaviour at SSLC meetings/toward students or staff
  • Continuous and clear lack of engagement with responsibilities relating to the feedback process

Notification of Improvement

Before resorting to removing a rep from post, we would encourage Chairs to send an informal notification or notice informing a rep that they have not been performing the responsibilities of their role to an expected level. This should be polite, well-worded, and clear, and provide a solution or ideal outcome, along with a deadline.

As mentioned above, a notification of improvement should already be viewed as a last resort before considering the removal of a rep from their post.

Removing a rep from post

Should a rep's conduct not improve following a notification of improvement, the Subject Chair has the authority to remove a rep from post. This requires a meeting with one of the Academic Impact Co-ordinators, so that we can guide you through next steps, and ensure that the removal is official.

Next Steps

The next step would be to get in touch with the rep to let them know. We can then assist you with communicating this to the rep in question.

Following this would be the appointment of an applicant to the role. If you already have a previous applicant in mind, you would be free to appoint them. If you would instead like to re open applications for the vacant post, we would be happy to do this.

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