NUS Affiliation Referendum 2019

The Guild should continue to be affiliated to the National Union of Students

The cases for and against the motion are supplied by student campaign team leaders, and represent their views on why students should vote FOR or AGAINST. Students may also register a vote, but ABSTAIN to remain neutral.

A vote FOR shows that you think the Guild should remain affiliated to the National Union of Students.

A vote AGAINST shows that you think the Guild should disaffiliate from the National Union of Students, following a timeline as prescribed in our terms of affiliation; expected to be December 2019.

Voting will be open from 9am, Tuesday 28 May 2019 until 4pm, Thursday 30 May 2019. The number of voters required for a quorate result is 1,187 - in the event that fewer than 1,187 students vote the result will not be counted.

If you are looking for the Society Officer elections to vote then click here.


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Debate »

There will be a student debate about NUS affiliation, lead by the campaign teams involved in the for and against campaigns.

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Campaigners »

Both campaigns will get official support from the Guild, which means all campaigners have to be registered with us.

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External »

Each side is allowed up to 9 external campaigners over the course of the referendum. This is a briefing for external campaigners coming to Exeter.


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Regulations »

The Referendum Regulations, which apply to all campaigns and campaigners.

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Complaints »

If you have a complaint about the referendum or campaigns, please go here.

Election Notice

Notice »

The official notice of a referendum, which include the key dates and other information.

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