Students' Guild Strategy


Our existence is to support all of the unique journeys we go on as students whilst here at Exeter, whether it’s through the things we do on our courses, the research we undertake, volunteering in the community, leading or taking part in a society or making change for our friends, housemates and course buddies.  In a nutshell, the Students' Guild represents and enhances our experience as students at the University of Exeter.

With so many opportunities and challenges as students, the vision is simple. We aim to shape the world around us as students, now during our time at the University of Exeter, and in our futures. The opportunities and experiences we engage with, will be life changing, memorable and a significant catalyst for whatever we may do in the future.

View our short film to see Our Plan for 2017-20.  You'll find out more about our five key priorities and how we'll achieve them.

You can also find out more about the finer details too. Over the course of Our Plan, we'll update you on how we're doing and what achievements and impact we've made.


Clearly we want our opinions captured and voices heard. We will work in partnership with others to ensure we’re delivering meaningful change to the Exeter Experience. We’ll do this by creating a ‘Bill of Rights’ so students know exactly what they’re entitled too and have students sitting as partners on exam boards.


More important than ever, we want more for our money and more from our Guild. The Guild’s plan will deliver students with real options on understanding the marketplace they live within by producing an annual Value report and a price comparison tool on student value and choice relevant to Exeter.


We need services and opportunities that meet all students unique needs. To do that we need to really evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. We know that representation for PGs, Partner Colleges and campuses are weak. We know that we need to be more diverse and overcome challenges here. Our plan will see us; launch a programme that challenges everything we do on inclusion to ensure we’re involving our peers and friends in everything we do, Improve representation for PGs, students at partner colleges and campuses, and release the timetables earlier for international students as early as possible.


We all want to have fun whilst developing skills to help with our work now and in our futures. We already have lots of engagement in societies, groups and leadership positions but we need to celebrate the employability aspect of these. We’ll do this by launching a major music, culture and arts festival, creating a new leadership programme to help students shape their world and striving to have 75% of students actively involved in a Guild activity, with 80% rating their experience either good or excellent.


Having the right support as and when we need it, is critical. It's critical to our success and also our mental wellbeing and health. We feel that support services are currently over-run and we aim to provide information, resources and advice to give the best possible support on the issues most affecting the student experience. We'll do this by helping to set a new strategy at Exeter for students in crisis, to universalise and improve the mitigation system for students when they hit hard times of crisis and improve study areas around campus with booths and more charging sockets.

University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 07217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ