VP Welfare

I represent students on issues including mental health, equality, sustainability and personal safety. I work to ensure that our campuses are inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

VP Welfare

VP Welfare and Diversity

Katie Heard

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I represent students on issues including mental health, equality, sustainability and personal safety and I work to ensure that our campuses are inclusive and welcoming for every student.

  • Delay student accommodation release by a month
    Delay student accommodation release by a month

    29/07/2019 - Met with James Lindsay and Kate Christlow to discuss this idea. We do not have the staff resources to implement such a big plan - will be a five-year initiative.  The university have agreed companies can release accommodation as and when they like. Instead I shall lobby for better information to be released to students to make them aware of the process of moving out of halls so students are aware in advance.

    29/07/2019 - Manifest point closed.

  • Equality Panels
    Equality Panels


    15/07/19 - Initial conversation was had with Tim Harris so talk through how we can engage more students with Equality Council.

    23/07/19 - Equality panel expectations were determined, names and initial application process.

    26/07/19 - Application forms ready to go.

    5/08/19 - comms plan was submitted

    18/09/19 - took to Guild council

    21/09/19 - Received feedback

    25/09/19 - Guild Exec - receive more feedback.

    01/10/19 - Email to consult different networks and societies as well as the chaplaincy to see if they'd help in facilitating discussion.

    02/10/19 - Took to equality council to discuss

    07/19/19 - comms released

    08/10/19 - targeted emails to be sent


    · Disability Panel

    · LGBTQ+ Panel

    · Mature students, Parents and Carers Panel

    · Religion and Beliefs Panel

    · Women's Panel

    · BAME panel 

    . International panel  


    Throughout the year, there is a standing agenda point to review the effectiveness of Equality Panels - they are subject to change dependant on success and failures!

  • Organise termly events for postgrads
    Organise termly events for postgrads

    Sunday's has taken the lead on this point - coffee mornings/networking opportunities are a huge success.

    01/08/19 – Manifesto point closed.

  • Additional phone call reviews
    Additional phone call reviews

    19/08/19 - Met with the Head of Wellbeing to discuss this point.

    20/08/19: Head of Wellbeing expressed concerns regarding this point; contacting students post-therapy can do more damage than good. Along with the huge logistical issues in trying to re-trace and make contact again with students who’ve accessed support not only with fixing up a telephone call appointment time but with the most relevant practitioner would be highly resourced intensive on a service that is already at full capacity.

    20/08/19 - Won't go any further, will look into alternatives aka peer support.

    20/08/19 – Manifesto point closed.


  • St Luke's Wellbeing hub
    St Luke's Wellbeing hub

    12/08/19 - Had a meeting with Linda Peka who mentioned that there had been a proposal put in to review the St Luke's Info hub, it was the first to be put in place and needs revisiting.

    12/08/19 - Set up a meeting with Jamie Hawsley who is the lead on the St Lukes info hub.

    05/09/19 - Met with Jamie, she showed me initial plans - wellbeing will be a priority.

    17/09/19 - CIG (Capital Investment Group) received the plan favourably.

    23/09/19 - Phone call with Jamie to discuss student comms plans around the refurb. I will be involved in the design process once we get to that stage to ensure that the wellbeing services are forefront.

    23/09/19 – Waiting for funding – will be taken to CIG in November again to ask for funding.

    The refurb will be taken place next Easter and over the summer break in the meantime Rob Owen will put up signage for the current wellbeing services at St Luke's.

  • Wellbeing Talks - Normalise wellbeing
    Wellbeing Talks - Normalise wellbeing

    01/10/19 - Met with Jo Cole and Allie Guy for initial discussion - action point to create a working group and send over campaign ideas so we can tie in the speakers. First talk scheduled for w/c 4th November.

  • Wellbeing App
    Wellbeing App

    The iExeter wellbeing tile was revisited during the summer - feedback has been positive.

    19/08/19 - Met with Mark Sawyer: appointments will not be viable over the app due to the needed assessment by staff.

    19/08/19 - Manifesto Point Closed.

  • Accommodation booklet
    Accommodation booklet

    29/07/19 - Meeting with Kate and James to discuss initial plans.

    29/08/19 - Meeting with Ann Egonu

    04/09/19 - Sent Ann all the information

    10/09/19 - Ann replied, they've added advice into the Guides, are looking at a longer-term plan for a PDF guide about the private sector.

    02/10/19 - Have sent a follow up email to Ann asking if a plan has been put in place - waiting for response, all depends on their budgets and staff time.

    08/10/19 - Meeting with Rory Cunningham to discuss what info goes out to students.

    08/10/19 – Rory Cunningham and Ann Egonu, with support from the Guild, are going to organise a private renting event to inform students about moving out of halls and into private renting – this will take place before the accommodation fair. Information I provided for the accommodation booklets will be given then.

  • Black History Month
    Black History Month


    26/07/19 - meeting with Shades, ran through EDI plan

    22/08/19 - BME network discussions

    23/08/19 - Comms plan

    04/09/19 - Femsoc facetime meeting

    09/09/19 - Met with ACS to get their initial thoughts and ideas.

    13/09/19 - Met with LGBTQ+ society to see if they'd be happy doing anything.

    19/09/19 - Website meeting

    20/09/19 - Campus cinema meeting

    20/09/19 - Met with Joff and Nicki to finalise Guild Plans

    23/09/19 - Hall of Fame submission post went out

    24/09/19 - Design brief finalised

    24/09/19 - Met with Joff Cook to finalise DJ

    25/09/19 - Met with Deb Soc

    26/09/19 - Met with ACS to get approval

    27/09/19 - Joff and Nick to update on lemmy night

    27/09/19 - Call with Bame Law

    27/09/19 - History Society meeting

    30/09/19 - Comms was ready to go.

    01/10/19 - Social media went live.

    08/10/19 – Decided to no longer go ahead with the debate regarding political blackness as couldn’t find anyone to speak for the opposition, will put all my effort

    Guild Plans:

    • Website Launch
    • History Society Talk.
    • Urbn Dance and World Music Choir Performance
    • T-shirt order
    • Irie eats (pop up catering outlet)
    • Black History Hall of Fame
    • Curriculum Discussion – need to secure another speaker, promote and organise after talk catering in DH2.
    • AfroBeats night at the Lemon Grove
    • Football tournament
  • Termly meetings with wellbeing officers
    Termly meetings with wellbeing officers

    23/09/2019 - Asked Abi for all the Welfare officer contacts.

    30/09/2019 - Abi is waiting to get access to the info

    07/09/2019 - Booked time in after the welfare training - will publish in the activity update/at welfare training/social media.

    Dates are (first day is on St Luke's/second is on Streatham)

    • 18th/19th November
    • 20th/21st January
    • 19th/18th March
    • 25th/26th May

    Still need to book rooms, email welfare officers, publicise and make a Facebook event.

    Deadline 1st November

  • Welfare Training for Welfare Officers
    Welfare Training for Welfare Officers

    16/07/19 - Met with Liv and Cam to initially discuss - action point was to find external sources to train.

    20/09/19 - Met with Verity who has contacts with Mental Health First Aid UK.

    30/09/19 - Follow up meeting to discuss what we had discovered.

    08/10/19 - Publish an article to explain what welfare officers should be doing and where to receive help (add in officer drop ins)

    09/10/19 - Meeting to finalise plans and book external providers. Lemon Grove is secured for 06/11/19 to hold ‘Welfare Wednesday’.

    Deadline - 1st November.

  • Wellbeing Review - Out of Hour Support at the Wellbeing Centre
    Wellbeing Review - Out of Hour Support at the Wellbeing Centre

    (sensitive information until agreed on actions)

    25/07/19 - Attended the Wellbeing Review

    16/09/19 - Attended the Wellbeing Review

    26/09/19 - Attended the Wellbeing Review

  • Peer Support group
    Peer Support group

    19/08/19 - Meeting with Mark Sawyer: Mark was really on board with this idea. He stated that the Eating Difficulties Peer Support group worked really well this year - led by Kathy. Suggested a relapse prevention type programme that councillors can refer into. Would be more informal in structure, with a social and semi-structured format. Suggested creating a programme for the sessions - perhaps inviting guest speakers and external charities in to give talks.

    21/08/19 - Emailed Kathy to set up a meeting and discuss how the Peer Support group will be facilitated.

    23/08/19 - Met with Kathy

    13/09/19 - Met with Jo who runs eating difficulties - put me in contact with Jody Ferris who led the positive minds group.

    13/09/19 - Met with Jody Ferris about positive vibes - can go ahead if we find staff support.

    23/09/19 - Met with Mark Sawyer to discuss who the staff support will be - will be finalised by the 18th October.

    15/09/19 - Meeting with facilitators to map the outline of the year and discuss publicising.

    Deadline - 1st November.

  • Toxic Relationship Campaign
    There are no current news articles.
  • Discussion Forum
    Discussion Forum

    03/09/19 - Met with Mark and Daisy: Action Point was to send out invites to relevant societies to get them interested in the discussion forum, to publicise more.

    Dates agreed:

    14th-25th oct

    18th-28th nov

    Deadline 14th October.

  • Wellbeing Information
    Wellbeing Information

    To find out what students want to see we'd send out a survey.

    23/09/19 - Met with Emily Billing to discuss what avenue to receive feedback. Discussed that we should tap into the avenues that we have the moment as Students are tired of surveys. Will use councils, wellbeing discussion forum, societies. – Can do an online survey.

    By the next meeting I will have:

    • Finished Black History Month Plans.
    • Finalised Welfare Training, booked external company's and venue, started publicising.
    • Finalised Peer support group support, outlined the yearly plan, booked rooms and started publicising.
    • Finalised the private renting fair.
    • Publicised Wellbeing Discussion Forum - emailed the relevant societies.

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