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It’s my job to ensure that students’ views about teaching, learning and anything related to the academic experience are represented to, and acted upon by, the University.

Penny Dinh

VP Education

Penny Dinh

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It’s my job to ensure that students’ views about teaching, learning and anything related to the academic experience are represented to, and acted upon by, the University.

Activity Tracker

  • Visibility of Academic Representation
    Visibility of Academic Representation

    November 2019

    • There’s now a shortcut to Academic Representation on ELE module pages in Business School to increase visibility of academic representation in this college. If there’s good feedback, we will roll this out to other colleges.

    • I have initiated conversations to have the same shortcut for CEMPS.

    • Academics from other colleges were also asked to link academic representation in their module pages. We have yet to monitor whether this has been in place for all modules.

  • Academic Representation for Postgraduate students
    Academic Representation for Postgraduate students

    October 2019

    • Postgraduate reps were invited to my Academic Representation Leadership Conference
    • Feedback about the conference was gathered at PGR Executive

    January 2019

    • I met with College Officer for the Business School to investigate ways to fill vacancies in PGT representation
    • We discussed PGT representation in the January's Academic Representation Networking event

    No update

  • Closing the feedback loop
    Closing the feedback loop

    • College Officers have been briefed about Teaching Excellence Action Plans and how to engage with academics in co-creating this.

    • I’m following up with university staff to ensure all academic reps are given visual materials to share manifestos to students and report to students what have been done.

  • Supporting and empowering student leaders in creating change
    Supporting and empowering student leaders in creating change

    November 2019

    • I recently had a catch-up with all college officers to see what’s been going on and how I can support them in their roles

    • I’m currently supporting 2 college officers in organising 2 Postgraduate study conferences in January

    • We’ve created an FAQ page about the strike to help academic reps answer questions from students about the strike: https://www.exeterguild.org/strikeaction/

    No further update (I am an anxious bean, sorry)

  • EDI representation
    EDI representation

    October 2019

    • Equality panellists have been recruited. 22 of them signed up to be involved in academic representation and have been put in touch with their subject chair.

    • I have had conversations with student reps and academics about representation / make-up of subject councils. Lack of representation and engagement from women in STEM subjects is an emerging themes from these conversations and I will address this in the next Management of Academic Representation Group (MARG) meeting.

    December 2019

    • I invited a member of Disability Equality Panel to Academic Executive (Ac Exec) to build a case of making EDI representation a more integral part of academic representation.
    • EDI representation was discussed in MARG meeting.

    February 2020

    • Piggy-backing on my report on the experience of marginalised students at Exeter for Education Executive and Faculty of Taught Programmes Board, I built a case for EDI representation as a way of making issues faced by marginalised students more visible to the university and in cocreating solutions for these issues.
    • Following demands from subject chairs for various courses, I decided to create separate positions to represent marginalised students for each subject council (whose members attend Student-Staff Liaison Committee). Those are: 
      • BAME Academic Experience Rep
      • International Students Academic Experience Rep
      • Accessibility in Education Rep
    • Students can indicate which role they'd like to go for in the application form for subject rep position: https://www.exeterguild.org/voice/recruitment/next/apply/subjectrep/



  • Decolonise the curriculum
    Decolonise the curriculum

    October 2019

    • I chaired the event ‘Why is my curriculum white?’ as part of Black History Month. The event was really well-received, and we had really interesting discussions about the need to decolonise higher education as well as what steps we need to take next in order to decolonise.

    • We also collected feedback and ideas from students during the event.

    January 2020

    • I met with the university's Decolonise Education staff network to discuss plans for a future campaign to raise awareness among the student body about the need to decolonise education and for another panel event

    February 2020

    • The planned event was cancelled as the proposed event date clashes with the strike.
    • I discuss ideas of future decolonise education events at Equality Council and received feedback from BAME students there.
  • Celebration of diversity in education
    Celebration of diversity in education

    No update

  • Support for student leaders of academically beneficial projects
    There are no current news articles.
  • Improve collaboration between academic societies and their department
    Improve collaboration between academic societies and their department

    September 2019

    • I delivered a presentation at NSS Priorities Workshop about the importance of Academic Societies in building community and engagement.
    • Inspired by my presentation, Professor Tim Quine, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Education, offered me to build the case for academic society at Education Executive (Ed Exec), a subgroup of the Vice-Chancellor Executive Group (VCEG) that discusses education experience.

    November 2019

    • I met up with Professor Sue Prince, Associate Dean (Education) for College of Social Sciences and International Studies (SSIS), to brainstorm initial thoughts about our academic society partnership paper for Education Executive meeting in December.

    • I attended Big Rep Meeting for SSIS and gethered feedback from course reps and equality panellists in SSIS about academic societies from students' perspective.

    • I met up with DVP Societies to discuss my research for the paper, and we agreed to conduct the research by using an online survey.

    • Issues I will explore in my research: good practices of collaboration between society and department, bad practices, what societies leaders would like from their department, and what the Guild can do to facilitate the collaboration.

    January 2020

    • I presented preliminary findings from my survey and from discussion at SSIS Big Rep Meeting at Ed Exec meeting.

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