Volunteering Hours

Liv HarveyThis September we’ve launched the Activities Volunteering Logging System. This means that if you are a Guild Councillor, committee member, an academic rep or volunteer as part of a community project, you can log your hours. We have some incredible Student Leaders within the Students’ Guild who play such a big part in enhancing the student experience whilst building up an incredible skill set that can support future career ambitions.

So why should you log your hours? I’m not usually one for quoting statistics BUT a WONKHE report (linked below if you fancy a read!) that looked at whether volunteering boosts student employability revealed that 78% of employers said it was the ability to articulate the skills and experience gained through volunteering that was most valuable. By having an accessible log of what you’ve been up to, this can be used to reflect on the skills you've gained and developed when conveying the value of your volunteering to potential employers, as well as giving us a chance to celebrate your hard work.

When you hit 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 hours, this will notify you of a bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond award. The amount of hours will then be recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Report - Student Leaders play such an integral role within the Guild and so their achievements should be recognised and rewarded. 

Wonke Report: https://wonkhe.com/blogs-sus/does-volunteering-boost-student-employability/?fbclid=IwAR1U9fIpM5y-HPSWxplgoSGCwNrDAw3Rv_bEjNIZhumWcahBDWpXSrTrtow 

If you want to get started on logging your hours, please follow this link: https://www.exeterguild.org/myvolunteering/hours/ 

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