VP Activities

I support students to get involved with societies, volunteering opportunities and fundraising activity and becoming active members of the student community.

VP Activities

VP Activities

Liv Harvey

vpactivities@exeterguild.com Messenger

I support as many students as possible to get involved with societies, volunteering opportunities and fundraising activity and to become active members of the student – and wider – community.

Activity Tracker

  • Establish a platform where hours dedicated to committee work can be recognised and recorded
    Establish a platform where hours dedicated to committee work can be recognised and recorded


    This September we’ve launched the Activities Volunteering Logging System. This means that if you are a Guild councillor, committee member, an academic rep or volunteer as part of a community project, you can log the hours that you volunteer.  

    16/08/19 – Meeting with Tom Benson and Emily Jameson to discuss logistics of volunteer logging system

    21/08/19 – Meeting with Delane Hammill and Luke Appleton to discuss technical requirements and to edit webpage

    11/09/19 – Meeting with Delane Hammill to discuss the promotion of the system and award tier

    03/10/19 – System is ‘launched’ at the Big Society Hello and digital coverage goes out

  • Big Society Hello
    Big Society Hello

    This was an event I hosted at Reed Hall that allowed committees to meet their Society Officer, the Student Leadership Team and the staff that can support them throughout the year.

    22/07/19 – Meeting with Abigail Milne to develop project charter and design brief for BSH

    08/08/19 – Design brief submitted to Communications Team. Meeting with Abigail Milne to continue planning

    12/08/19 – Initial meeting with Event Exeter to discuss terms of sponsorship

    15/08/19 – Design brief discussion and finalisation with Dug Shirley

    04/09/19 – Meeting with Abigail Milne to discuss project charter feedback given by James Lindsey

    12/09/19 – Meeting with Emily Billing to discuss Freshers’ feedback table at the BSH

    25/09/19 – Floor plan and running order circulated to university departments, sponsors and staff - final meeting with Event Exeter

    03/10/19 – Big Society Hello followed by social at the Ram

    08/10/19 – Feedback gained discussed with Emily Billing

    17/10/19 – BSH ‘wash-up’ to discuss what went well and potential improvements

  • Facilitate opportunities for students by creating relationships between university departments/services and the student body
    Facilitate opportunities for students by creating relationships between university...

    Most of my time during my first two months as VP Activities was taken up by introductions/meetings with both Guild and University staff. These meetings were key in developing connections with staff members who can help facilitate opportunities for our members.

    Some of the ways by which we have done this are:

    1. Working with the University Communications Department to put on networking events for Exposé

    04/09/19 – Meeting with University Communications Team – Activities Team to take a lead on networking event and training

    2. Working with the Arts and Culture team to inform students of the commissions and various events they can get involved in

    19/08/19 – Meeting with Associate Director for Arts and Culture to discuss upcoming events and opportunities for students

    02/10/10 – Meeting with Arts and Culture Communications and Marketing Team to confirm details of events to share amongst societies

    25/11/19, 03/02/20, 07/05/20 – Arts and Culture Steering Group

    3. Working with Annual Fund to ensure societies can access the funding they need

    13/09/19 – Meeting with Annual Fund - invited to BSH to promote funding to society committees

    26/11/19 – Meeting with Annual Fund regarding Access to Music bursary – discussion on how best to allocate funds to benefit student experience

    4. Working with the Provost Commission to involve students in the work they are doing including Bystander Intervention Training and Consent Collective events

    10/09/19 – Introductions with Provost Commission

    24/09/19 – Meeting with Business Manager to Provost regarding Exeter Respect Festival – also discussion about Consent Collective’s ‘How to be Good in Bed’ event, Bystander Intervention Training and promotion of Respect Matters quiz

    03/10/19 – Chief College Operations Officer and EDI lead attends Big Society Hello and talks about inclusivity within societies

    5. Facilitating a meeting between the Multi Faith and Worldview Societies and relevant Guild and University staff.

    06/11/19 – Meeting with Multi Faith and Worldview Society Presidents, their Society Officer, Director of Student Experience and Chaplaincy Team. This meeting was to involve relevant societies in discussions about the new Multi-Faith Hub as well as introducing them to the Chaplaincy Team as a point of support within the University.

    6. Working with the University to increase the amount of space available for societies.

    14/11/19 – Discussion with Director of Commercial Services about NatWest and Terrace space

    7. Giving students the opportunity to work on Guild projects as an alternative to outsourcing

    11/12/19 – Discussion with Guild Senior Designer about student involvement in production of Guild Hardship Fund video - advert sent out to students

    27/12/19 – Meeting with Communications Manager, Senior Designer and chosen videographer to discuss video as well as future involvement of students in Guild projects

    8. Opportunities for society involvement in the Exeter Respect Festival

    24/09/19 – Monthly discussions on festival begin

    17/01/20 – Expression of interest form and further information sent to societies

    9. Opportunities for society involvement in the Community Day

    08/01/20 – Monthly discussions on Community Day begin

    20/01/20 – Event to be publicised to students encouraging their involvement

    10. Building a relationship between the College of Law and Law Societies

    23/09/19 – First meeting of Law Society Transition Board to meet monthly

    23/01/20 – Meeting with new Head of Law School

    29/01/20 – Proposed date of Law Societies Networking event

  • Establish a library of "How-To" videos
    Establish a library of “How-To” videos

    Students often find Guild processes difficult to navigate. I am working on a library of ‘How To’ videos that offer screen recordings accompanied by a voice over that give students the tools they need to run their society easily and effectively. Based on student feedback, these will include: how to run a high-risk event, how to submit an event, how to submit a budget, how to fundraise and how to publicise your society and its events.

    22/09/19 – Initial meeting with Activities Team to discuss content of ‘How To’ videos

    06/11/19 – Society Officers asked to consult with committee members on desired content – feedback to be received at next Societies Council Meeting

    07/11/19 - Meeting with Communications and Digital Team to discuss promotion. Decided to start with 2-3 videos based on Societies Council Feedback - a long term plan to develop a more comprehensive training platform is discusse

    20/11/19 – Society Officers feedback to Societies Council on what videos societies want

    23/01/20 – Meeting with Assistant Activities Manager to discuss how we incorporate these into society training

    06/02/20 - Story boards created and discussed with Societies Coordinator and Assistant Activities Manager 

    28/02/20 - Discussion with student videographer who will be capturing the videos - filming to take place on the 11th of March

  • The opportunity to be involved with mental health and welfare training
    The opportunity to be involved with mental health and welfare training

    Tender will deliver training on sexual harassment and abuse throughout the year. VP Welfare and Diversity to deliver Welfare Training for committee members.

    09/08/19 – Contact made with Look After Your Mate

    12/08/19 – Contact made with Student Minds

    03/09/19 – Phone call with Mental Health First Aid England

    30/09/19 – Meeting to discuss training options with DVP Wellbeing

    03/10/19 – Phone call with Tender - free training offered

    08/10/19 – Meeting with Nightline to discuss involvement

    09/10/19 – Meeting with Verity to discuss involvement of Lions Barber Collective and Ask for Angela

    17/10/19 – Meeting to confirm training with Activities Team

    06/11/19 – Proposed date of Wellbeing Wednesday

    11/11/19 – Meeting to discuss the role of Welfare Officer on committee’s and how we can best support them

    22/11/19 and 23/11/19 –Tender training took place, very positive feedback from students

    03/11/19 – Email to go out to gain feedback from attendees

    08/02/20 – Further Tender training for staff and students - to be continued at future dates 

  • Establish an online 'Progress Tracker' to inform students of the developments made towards election promises
    Establish an online 'Progress Tracker' to inform students of the developments made towards...

    Mirroring the approach taken by Cardiff’s Students’ Union, I am working with the digital department on establishing progress trackers for Elected Officers to increase transparency, giving students a way in which they can easily access the progress we are making on our promises.

    02/08/19 – Initial meeting with Digital Manager to discuss vision for progress trackers

    08/08/19 – Logistics further discussed - Digital Manager to take proposed plan to Deputy Chief Executive

    30/10/19 – First draft presented by digital manager

    04/11/19 – Progress Trackers to be taken to relevant Guild staff before going live by end of week.

    14/11/19 – Digital Manager continuing to programme trackers

    27/11/19 – Progress Trackers live – ‘Question Your Leaders’ button to be added and Communications coverage to be released

  • Increase the accessibility of Guild meeting minutes where possible to allow greater insight into Guild developments
    Increase the accessibility of Guild meeting minutes where possible to allow greater insight into...

    The establishment of Guild Council online is already a step in the right direction in ensuring students can easily access meeting minutes. I will work towards increasing the amount of online coverage given to meeting outcomes to keep students informed on what the Guild are working on. We are also working towards an effective minute taking procedure to be implemented across councils.

    24/09/19 – Taken to GMC – Scott Temple Farmer to work with student voice team regarding minute taking for student facing meetings

    24/09/19 – Meeting with DVP Democracy and Governance to discuss minute taking process

    22/10/19 – Head of Membership Services to take this forward – update given to Democracy and Governance Council

  • Have society officers at St Luke's and INTO to showcase societies once a month
    Have society officers at St Luke’s and INTO to showcase societies once a month

    The students at both St Luke’s and INTO are often neglected. In relation to INTO, I am working alongside the Student Engagement Advisor to promote the Guild’s activity within INTO to support students’ transition into their degree at the University of Exeter. Focusing on St Luke’s, we will aim to increase the presence of society officers at St Luke’s to ensure Guild activity is not just limited to Streatham.

    16/08/19 – Initial meeting with INTO’s Student Engagement Advisor

    18/09/19 – Attended the Living in Exeter Fair, promoting Guild activity

    11/10/19 – Meeting with INTO Advisor, DVP International and International Officer to confirm dates that society officers will be at INTO

    23/10/19 – Dates to be confirmed with officers at next Societies Council

    27/11/19 – Society Officers present at INTO - low engagement, to be reviewed in Term 2 

    21/02/20 - VP Activities and Guild President invited to attend and talk at INTO staff development day where we discuss how we can best encourage engagement 

  • Maintain the focus on Refreshers’ Week, but expand the range of student involvement possible
    Maintain the focus on Refreshers’ Week, but expand the range of student involvement possible

    I have established a Refreshers’ working group which is in the early planning stages of delivering a small-scale Freshers’ Week in January. This will be aimed at the new intake of students in January as well as those students who may not have signed up for societies during September. This week will involve the promotion of university and Guild departments as well as commercial and society stalls.

    25/09/19 – Initial Refreshers’ Brainstorm with Abigail Milne

    07/10/19 – First Refreshers’ Working Group to discuss involvement of each Guild department

    11/10/19 – Meeting with Nicola Carter to discuss a proposed plan for the week

    11/10/19 – St Luke Freshers’ Fair survey to be sent out asking ‘what would you want from a future fair’ – feedback to inform what activity we put on during Refreshers’ Week

    16/10/19 – Meeting with Amber Delaney to discuss society involvement

    23/10/19 – Second Refreshers’ Working Group (every two weeks until January)

    29/10/19 - Meeting with Activities Manager and Societies Co-Ordinator to discuss logistics of society involvement

    06/11/19 – Societies Council to have input on Refreshers’ planning

    07/11/19 - Meeting with Societies Co-Ordinator to plan first communications with societies

    12/11/19 - Refresher’s discussed with Medical Societies Officer for feedback from St Luke’s based societies.

    13/10/19 – St Luke’s Executive asked for input on Refreshers’ Week

    21/11/19 – Meeting with Career Zone to discuss their involvement on ‘Employability Day’

    22/11/19 – Societies contacted about Refreshers – encouraged to put on events and sign up to stalls

    26/11/19 – Meeting with Commercial Manager to discuss Refreshers’ Activity on St Luke’s

    27/11/19 – Design Brief submitted to Communications Team – promotional materials being delivered  

    10/12/19 – Meeting with Student Engagement Advisor of INTO to discuss their involvement and promotion

    12/12/19 – Presentation to Study Abroad staff to promote Refreshers

    12/01/20 – Refreshers Launch Party

    13/01/20 – Refreshers Week

    20/01/20 – Refreshers Week wash up

  • Make the Guild Hardship Fund more sustainable
    Make the Guild Hardship Fund more sustainable

    The Guild Hardship Fund supports students from lower financial backgrounds by providing financial support that allows them to join societies, participate in events and so on. There is currently a very limited amount available so we are working towards making this more sustainable.  

    16/08/19 – Meeting with Emily Jameson and Tom Benson to discuss amount of available funds and logistics of fund allocation

    03/08/19 – Meeting with Activities and Advice to confirm application criteria and discuss promotion

    13/09/19 – Meeting with Rose Cohen to discuss how to increase funds through crowdfunder

    04/10/19 – Meeting with Tim Baron to confirm amount of available funds

    16/10/19 – Meeting with Activities to draft a campaign/promotional plan

    05/11/19 - Meeting with Communications Team to discuss campaign/promotional plan

    11/11/19 – Call out to student videographers to assist in delivery of campaign video

    14/11/19 – Meeting with Assistant Activities Manager to discuss content of video.

    22/11/19 – Meeting with Videographer to discuss vision for Hardship Fund

    28/11/19 – Societies contacted about filming opportunity

    03/12/19 – Filming to begin – attending 15 society events from a range of categories

    20/12/19 – Video complete

    17/02/20 - Meeting with Annual Fund to finalise Crowdfunder details 

    11/03/20 - Some edits still to be made - suggested Crowdfunder launch date 


  • Develop a strike support plan to mitigate the potential impact on students
    Develop a strike support plan to mitigate the potential impact on students

    In the instance of strikes taking place, we have developed a strike support plan for students and will put out a survey that will determine the student body’s stance on strike action and cause. We will implement a set of actions in support accordingly.

    20/08/19 – Student Leadership Team meet to discuss potential industrial action - VP Activities nominated to take a lead and to develop a strike support plan

    22/08/19 – VP Activities and VP Welfare and Diversity attend University Communications Industrial Action Mitigation Group

    12/09/19 – Survey discussed and confirmed with Research and Insight Coordinator 

    23/09/19 – Strike support plan discussed by SLT, Scott, James and Voice - next step determined to be educating Academic Reps on the potential industrial action to reach out to and support student body - James and Tiago to take a lead on this

    01/10/19 – Guild Communications team briefed on what content would need to be put out and when in the event of strike taking place

    30/10/19 - Meeting with Head of Membership Services and Voice Team to provide proposed questions to be taken to Academic Reps. Statement to be released to students on behalf of Student Leadership Team.

    11/11/19 – Strike poll opens to gain student feedback. Set to close on 20/11.

    12/11/19 – Meeting with Head of Vice Chancellor’s Office to discuss plans for Strike Q&A

    18/11/19 – VP Activities to chair Strike Q&A panel

    21/11/19 – Strike poll result released – communications and support released to students

    28/11/10 – Open letter sent to Vice Chancellor on behalf of students

    03/12/20 - SLT and University Senior Management have a discussion with occupiers followed by discussion with University Senior Management about occupation. 

    03/12/20 - SLT send response to Vice Chancellor’s response to open letter 

    16/12/20 - Response from Vice Chancellor to above letter 

    13/02/20 - Industrial action discussed at Student Experience Advisory Board 

    26/02/20 - Discussion with University Senior Management Team regarding open letter, strikes and occupation

  • Supporting Academic Societies to facilitate employability and career-focused events
    Supporting Academic Societies to facilitate employability and career-focused events

    Working with the VP Education, we are developing a communication plan to better promote the TeF funding available to students; this funding aims to support academic societies as well as bringing in inspirational speakers. We will also develop partnership boards between academic societies and their colleges. These plans are also in response to NSS feedback in an effort to better support students’ academic interests as a Guild.

    13/08/19 – Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Membership Services inform VP Education and VP Activities on context of TeF funding

    30/09/19 – DVP Societies invited into talks on TeF funding 

    06/11/19 - VP Education to give update on talks with University on TeF

    27/11/19 – Paper goes to University Council regarding improving employability opportunities for students

    02/12/19 – Discussions to be had with Chief Executive and Head of Membership Services about ILM and CMI Leader’s training

    06/12/19 - Discussion with Communications Team about developing an Academic Brand 

    24/01/19 - Discussion with Guild staff about how to progress forward 

    29/01/19 - VP Activities and Societies Coordinator draft paper that asks for an Academic Societies Coordinator 

  • Adopt the IRHA definition of anti-Semitism
    Adopt the IRHA definition of anti-Semitism

    Following the decision of the University of Exeter, and of the Office for Students, we have chosen to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism, as supported by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

    14/08/19 – Discussion with Chief Executive about adoption of IRHA anti-Semitism definition, further discussed at Guild Management Council.

    13/11/19 - Adoption also proposed by Guild Councillor which is agreed by Guild Council

    03/01/20 - Decision ratified by Trustee Board

  • Opening up University space for society use
    Opening up University space for society use

    Societies, especially Fitness ones lack space. I am working with the Universities on the repurposing of their spaces as well as ensuring they consider society activity in future space planning.

    14/11/19 – Discussion with Director of Commercial Services about NatWest and Terrace space

    12/12/19 – Meeting with Building Surveyor working on the above project to share needs of societies

    07/01/20 – Meeting with Head of Membership Services and Societies Coordinator to discuss society space use

    09/01/20 – University provide statistics on how many societies use University space for their activity and for how long

    22/01/20 – Paper to be written to go to university on how space is allocated and used by societies

    27/02/20 - VP Activities and Societies Coordinator complete paper to go to Learning Spaces Group



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