Full-Time Officers

These are your elected Full-Time Officers

Guild President
Lily Margaroli
I lead the Students’ Guild in line with our strategy, and oversee the team of Full-Time Officers. I sit on several senior boards in the University, ensuring students’ are heard at the highest level.
VP Activities Smiling
VP Opportunities
Isabel Harrison
I support students to be active members of the student- and wider- community through societies, volunteering opportunities, and fundraising activity. I also support students to develop employability skills and access career opportunities.

VP Education Smiling
VP Education
Bella Enoizi
It’s my job to ensure that students’ views about teaching, learning and anything related to the academic experience are represented to, and acted upon by, the University.
VP Liberation
VP Liberation & Equality
Marion Ojua
I represent students on issues including student rights, equality and the community and I work to ensure that our campuses are inclusive and welcoming for every student.

College Officers

These are your elected College Officers. What is a college officer?

EMPS officer Smiling
Natalie Seal

Hums Officer Smiling
Caroline Brodersen
Ferdinand Boucher
Medicine and Health
Ferdinand Boucher

Social Sciences and International Studies
Sho Taniyama
Hope Francis
College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Manav Hartono

Doctoral College Officer
Nadia Vanda Monaia

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